Have you ever looked at a snowflake? Here I don’t really mean, ‘Have you ever seen a snowflake?’ or ‘Have your eyes ever registered a snowflake?’ I mean, have you ever sat down, or stood up, or taken up some bodily position, and given your full attention to a snowflake?

Two weeks ago, Idalia Friedson ’15 contributed an article titled “In Support of Biddy: Why We Shouldn’t Boycott Academia.” In her article, Friedson advances the argument that President Martin’s opposition to the American Studies Association’s boycott on Israel is grounded in principles of academic freedom. Yet at the same time as Friedson advocates for “academic freedom,” she constructs an argument that is ideologically lazy, patently biased and that reads little like any academic writing that I’ve encountered.

Have you heard of Fox’s newest addition to its comedy lineup, “Brooklyn Nine Nine”? Surprising viewers, critics and even actors themselves, this show recently won two Golden Globes, beating out long-standing darlings like “Parks and Recreation,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “Modern Family,” and there’s a reason why. I know we’re all busy people, running around this campus trying to maintain some pretense of order in our lives, but if you have half hour to spare, introduce yourself to this show — you won’t regret it.

March is around the corner, meaning the flurry of albums I’ve actually been looking forward to will be upon me soon. I’m struggling through the wait for the new Hold Steady and Drive-by Truckers albums (seriously, if anyone has any interest in rock music you really should check out these two criminally underrated bands), not to mention a new release by the seemingly unstoppable Neil Young, who continues to release music like the only thing between him and the reaper is a wall of cathartic distortion and his whiny voice.

After growing up in Northampton, Mass., attending Northampton High School, doing a post-grad year at Deerfield Academy and then winning an NCAA Div. III Championship playing basketball at Amherst College, it’s safe to say that Willy Workman ’13 is no stranger to the Pioneer Valley.

Over his four years as a Lord Jeff, Workman undoubtedly became a household name and prominent figure on campus, as many students can still recall the image of him walking around in his Amherst sweats, Adidas sandals with socks and classic purple Beats slung around his neck.

New York Times’ fashion photographer Bill Cunningham once said that the best fashion show takes place on the street. While Amherst College fashion may not be New York City fashion (Bean Boots replace six-inch heels), Amherst fashion still tells the story of our students.

Autumn Juice. Are you curious? Would you choose a restaurant based on one drink? Maybe I’m strange, but I couldn’t resist. So, of course I chose the Roost in Northampton purely because it offers Autumn Juice, the simple but excellent combination of ginger beer and hard cider.