Amherst College is a community with a rich history in the arts, literature, economics and many other fields. We are a liberal arts college with the features of a smoothly-run world, with our law enforcement protecting the Mead Art Museum and patrolling the campus. There is usually a clear line between creativity and breaking the law because of this ... unless it’s vandalism.

While students spent the summer interning at various organizations, exploring foreign countries or relaxing at home or on the beach, the IT Department spent countless hours making improvements around campus. From the new mobile printing and printing release stations to the package notification system, the IT Department has made all different facets of our campus more technologically and environmentally friendly.

This year, Val’s salad bar contains new language. The typical designations still remain. Lettuce is still obviously labeled “Lettuce;” Carrots are still obviously labeled “Carrots.” But, if you look at the glossy white labels a little closer, you might see “Book and Plow” peeking at you in small print. Indeed, the College’s very own Book and Plow Farm has made its dining debut.