Calling all Economics and Political Science majors! This issue is for you.

Most of us are eagerly looking forward to the rest and relaxation we hope to enjoy over fall break. But for students who are not going home over the long weekend, those anticipated days of freedom can turn into long hours of boredom. To preempt this unfortunate turn of events, we are providing you with a list of exciting activities taking place in the town of Amherst over the long weekend.

Party playlists are difficult. Sometimes you pick that song that makes the girls stop, stare in wonder, scream a bit and then dance wildly while belting out the lyrics. At other times, everyone boos you away from the speakers and asks how you could possibly have chosen that song while frantically scrolling through the iPod for one they think people will actually enjoy. I’ve been there. It’s rough. Sometimes I would love to have a 5-minute dance party by myself and then return to reality.

Who doesn’t get that high when the passion someone has for what you’re doing flows into you? Especially when they are just beginning their journey to reach their aspirations. It is hard not to wish them the best of luck. That is the kind of excitement that rubs off when speaking with musician and entrepreneur Ravahn Duval (aka DUVV). This promising hip-hop artist and founder the online music magazine, Turntable Mag, is what most people strive to be: easy going, funny and always with a positive outlook on life.

Friday night, the Friedmann room of Keefe Campus Center took a trip to the eighties. The room’s furniture, although still modern, consisted of comfy arm chairs, high-backed stools, patterned blue-and-white pillows dotting the dance floor and small round tables with chairs surrounding the main wooden floor, was decorated to aid in the viewing of one of the most iconic movies of all time — “The Breakfast Club.”

I’ve never seen a film quite like “Gravity”. It’s a thrill ride to end all thrill rides, never letting up in subjecting its characters to situations from bad to worse during its 90-minute running length. “Gravity” is, for those who want a no-frills blockbuster, nerve-wracking in a way that few films are. This is a true edge-of-your-seat motion picture. In fact, it’s much more than that.