On Saturday, Oct. 19, Wesleyan Univ.hosted the Little Three Championships, where the Amherst men’s cross country team took to the trails against archrivals Wesleyan and Williams.

The Jeffs finished second behind Williams (25 points), whose five scoring leaders all finished in the top-10. With three runners in the top seven, Amherst took second with 37 points, and Wesleyan followed with 57 points.

Moving on isn’t easy, and Nicole Holofcener, writer and director of “Enough Said,” doesn’t let us forget it in her story of middle-aged love. Holofcener manages to create a romantic comedy that is at once intelligent, moving and fiercely funny, a rarity in a genre recently dominated by forgettable, formulaic plotlines. “Enough Said” is not escapist entertainment: the fairy-tale love affairs of quirky twenty-somethings have no place in Holofcener’s film. Rather, the characters and their difficulties are refreshingly relatable, even for the college-aged viewer.

For most of us, college is a busy, fast-paced, exciting four years. Balancing classes and extracurricular activities while maintaining a social life can take a toll on one’s health. Too often, we resort to making bad choices in the dining hall that affect us in other parts of our lives. Making a few simple changes in our eating habits can help us stay focused, energized and in a good mood throughout the day! Here are seven tips on how to “healthify” the dining hall:

I spotted him the minute he entered the room, and from that moment it was bob and weave.

We’d gotten together on the dance floor in the recent past. Things had, admittedly, gone beyond G-rated, and we’d both had a good time. But that wasn’t part of my plan for the night this time around.

It has been a roller-coaster two weeks for Amherst Football. Riding high on the momentum of an undefeated record, the Lord Jeffs were given a harsh reality check two Saturdays ago. Playing host to Wesleyan, who also boasted a flawless 4-0 record, Amherst was handed a 20-14 defeat on Homecoming Day, dampening what should have been a celebratory mood.

The Common, a new print and online literary magazine based at Amherst College, released its newest issue (Issue 6) on Oct. 28th. Issue 6 beautifully brings together poetry, short stories, essays and images by both local and international authors. All of the pieces included in The Common fall under the overarching theme of, as Editor Jennifer Acker ’00 says in The Common’s mission statement, “a modern sense of place.” The magazine’s goal is to publish “literature and art powerful enough to reach from there to here,” and it succeeds with grace, both in Issue 6 and in past issues.

The Amherst women’s tennis team ended their fall season with an extremely successful showing in the New England Women’s Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament (NEWITT), where they competed under a unique format. Each school sent up to five doubles teams, and matches between schools consisted of one doubles match and two singles matches played by each doubles partner.