The board of trustees announced its unanimous approval of a statement on sustainability and investment policy Tuesday, Feb. 24. The statement formally acknowledged the dangers of climate change and proposed a responsible stewardship of resources to make environmental sustainability a focal point of the college’s operations and investment decisions.

Furthermore, the statement said that the board intends to work on achieving a carbon-neutral footprint and energy conservation efforts. However, the board emphasized that it did not endorse divestment from the coal industry.

“House of Cards” released its third season on Feb. 27. This long-anticipated season was unveiled on Netflix, with each episode available to steam instantly. “House of Cards” produced two seasons in this fashion. Each season before the third has already taken home awards at the Emmys and Golden Globes. Since then, “House of Cards” has solidified itself as a television powerhouse, lauded by critics and viewers alike. This article does contain major spoilers from seasons 1 and 2, as well as minor spoilers from season 3.

With sunny 30-degree days becoming less and less rare, early March proves to be a great time to visit the Montague Bookmill. The Bookmill is a conglomerate of three 180-year-old buildings overlooking the Sawmill River in Montague, just 25 minutes outside of Amherst. Converted from an industrial site to a bookstore in 1987, the area now hosts an eclectic mix of businesses — a local art store, a music and video store, a cafe, a restaurant and, of course, the used book store (which was recently acquired by screenwriter Susan Shilliday of “thirtysomething.”)

Walking through the hallway into Val or the entrance of Keefe you’re likely to have been struck by the promotional posters on display for the weekly shows put on by Mr. Gad’s House of Improv. Perhaps it was one for “Mr. Gad’s Classic Game Night” featuring Khalil Flemming’s head on a game of Whack-a-Mole, or an aging Jesse Pagliuca on a box of men’s Touch of Gray coloring formula, advertising “Mr.

Soprano Karyn Levitt and pianist Eric Ostling will perform “In the Dark Times: Three 20th Century Austro-German Composers Who Worked with Bertolt Brecht,” a lecture-concert that features the collaborated works of poet Bertolt Brecht, composers Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler and Paul Dessau, and translator Eric Bentley, in Porter House on Tuesday, March 10th at 4:30 p.m. as part of this year’s Copeland Colloquium.

Katharine Rudzitis ‘15 is writing an original novella for her honors thesis in the English department. Her adviser is Writer-In-Residence and chair of the Creative Writing Center Daniel Hall. Rudzitis is graduating with a triple major in English, math and classics.