The first time I saw a condom, it was on a banana during a Sexual Health Educators skit. My home country is very conservative, so things like that really aren’t the norm. I was horrified by the public display of sexuality.

Q: What program/what city are you participating in, and what are you studying?
A: I’m at King’s College in London. While I’m here, I’m taking a math class, ethics, Greek philosophy and a European history course.

Valentine Dining Hall can be a really scary place. When entering the war zone that is Val at noon on a weekday, you have to navigate your way through lines that are sometimes 50 people deep, figure out where the end of the salad line is without getting in the way of someone trying to make a sandwich, and you have to grab silverware and cups without bumping into someone or spilling your tray.

I often find it comical, and occasionally somewhat childish, how I obtain inspiration for these articles. Why did I write about Red Sox nation last year? While in Val one day, someone jokingly said, “Our hockey season is a marathon, but sprint" — harmless comment for most, something a normal person chuckles at then continues on with their normal daily regiment. However, my brain did its normal Tokyo Drift style autopilot, going 95 miles per hour over speed bumps down back roads and alleys that aren’t detectible on your typical GPS system. Buckle up, ladies and gents.

The women’s tennis team kicked off their fall season at the 2014 USTA/ITA New England Regional Championships this weekend at Williams College. Sue Ghosh ’16 and first-year Vickie Ip led the Lady Jeffs, seeded eighth and ninth, respectively.

The Amherst football team continued its march toward an undefeated season with a decisive 30-7 win over Bowdoin on Saturday. The Jeffs posted 390 total yards on offense, 227 in the air and 163 on the ground. Jackson McGonagle ’16 boasted an impressive 124 receiving yards along with two touchdowns in the game.

“We knew after our win against Bates that we had a lot of work to do. All week we kept our focus and really tried to perfect the execution of our plays,” the junior wide receiver said.

After six straight wins and 18 straight set victories, the Amherst volleyball team entered their home opener against archrival Williams on Friday night with high expectations. The Firedogs felt confident entering the match, but the Ephs, last year’s conference champions, would be one of the toughest contests of the year.

Williams emerged victorious on the night in a thrilling five-set match (25-21, 20-25, 25-21, 24-26, 15-13) that included 49 ties and 26 lead changes.