The attacks in Paris and terrorism abroad have led many Republicans to make bigoted comments and continue to push for xenophobic policies. Trump is not alone; many people share his prejudice. If Republicans believe that they can convince the American electorate of the “merits” of their xenophobic policies, they will be quick to learn: They can’t and they won’t.

Back from Thanksgiving break, seniors have returned to campus for the tail end of their fall semester. As a graduating class gets ready to approach the “real world,” it is typical for its members to put aside class work and extracurricular activities in favor of bar nights and finding a job. Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget about the community they’ve called home for their most formative years.

The Amherst men’s basketball team opened its season with decisive wins in its first three games of the year at home in LeFrak Gymnasium. The fifth-ranked squad came out on top after the annual Ken Wright ’52 Invitational Tournament. During the tournament, the purple and white faced Johnston State College and Worcester State University, outscoring their opponents 201-131 combined. The following Monday, Amherst faced Anna Maria College and won 84-64 to start their season 3-0.

Students voted to express their support for removing Lord Jeff as the college’s unofficial mascot in an Association of Amherst Students poll conducted on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Eighty-three percent of students voted in favor of removing the Lord Jeff, and 17 percent against. The AAS released the poll’s results on Thursday, Nov. 19. In total, 1,606 students voted, which exceeded the AAS’s hopes for at least 1,200 responses and made for a 90 percent response rate.