Back in my sophomore year of high school, I remember arguing with a friend over Deadpool’s future. This was back when the first rumors of a Deadpool movie started to circulate and we still remembered the atrocious portrayal of the character in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” in which the Merc with a Mouth had his mouth sewn shut. I told my friend that there was no way Fox would ever have the guts to put out an R-rated Deadpool movie. If anything, we’d have to settle for a PG-13 movie, but I’m happy to have been proven wrong.

The Student had the opportunity to talk to Naima Moore ’18, the editor in chief of the new campus music publication, AC Beat.

This March, the college will implement an overhaul of its annual housing application process. The application for students will take place through an online portal, which opened to students on Monday, Feb. 15.

The college purchased new software from the student housing solutions company StarRez in an effort to streamline the housing selection process for students and to keep track of the status of rooms and dormitories throughout the year. The process of implementing the new system began last July.

Sexual Respect Education and the Title IX teams are currently holding a climate survey on sexual respect. The survey is a shorter version of the one distributed in December 2014, and is part of a tentative plan to begin administering long- and short-form surveys in alternating years. Many survey questions were carried over from the 2014 version in order to measure change across time.

Students and campus resource center staff will publish Perspectives Magazine, a new annual publication sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Center, Queer Resource Center and Multicultural Resource Center. The magazine, expected to first be released in early March, will include both personal writing by Amherst community members and information relating to issues of identity.

It is extremely difficult to find someone today who has never heard of Rihanna. Whether you have seen her in the tabloids or fashion blogs, watched her in Star Trek or been a long-time fan of her music, there is no doubt you’ve at least had some contact with the multi-talented and incredibly beautiful pop star. Originally coming off the success of a string of singles (which are oddly missing from her new album) and a critically acclaimed children’s movie entitled “Home,” Rihanna is now everywhere in media and has become a household name.

John Larsen, former adviser for the U.S. Department of Energy, discussed the future impact of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris at the Powerhouse on Feb. 8.

Three students who attended the conference, Brian Beaty ’17, Anna Berglund ’16 and Smith College junior Aly Johnson-Kurts, also shared their experiences at the summit.