When I arrived on campus back in September, I expected a lot of things: rigorous courses, new friendships, food that was infinitely better than what the Philadelphia public school district offered. The first two expectations have since been met, though the jury is still out on Val. But this isn’t an article indicting Valentine Dining Hall. This article is about the one thing I would not have anticipated upon attending Amherst.

Yes, I’m talking about the intense and fervent love for the Killers’ 2004 song, “Mr. Brightside.”

Early in 2014, fans of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros were shocked to learn that Jade Castrinos would not be joining the ten-piece band on the next North American Tour. Nor would she be joining the band in the future — Castrinos was effectively fired from the band. Fans would no longer be able to hear those signature lyrics from the band’s hit single, “Home,” live — Jade and Alexander were no more.

It didn’t look like much, a hunk of plastic that could vaguely resemble the shape of a visor. However, I knew its reputation. I had heard the whispers and read the online impressions. People were saying that it would change everything, but I was doubtful. Little did I know that the Oculus Rift would live up to the promise of an immersive virtual reality experience.

The Amherst baseball team played a total of five games this past week, winning three and losing two. They split non-league play 1-1 and took the series against fellow NESCAC team Middlebury, 2-1. All games were away last week as Amherst continued to impress on the road.