Chuck Lacy ’80, the former president of Ben & Jerry’s, had an active hand in expanding the company’s sales growth from $17 million to $160 million. But despite his impressive success in the business world, he’s incredibly down to earth. When I asked him for a photo of himself to include in this profile, he sent me a picture sitting outside in a sweatshirt and baseball cap. Whether he was describing his family, his time at Amherst or the small businesses he’s worked with, what’s most striking about Lacy is his humility.

The Young Entrepreneur

Reading those “20 Successful People in their 20s” lists has always been rather unsettling for me. It’s crazy to think that someone only a couple years older than me could have accomplished so much, so when I read about these young entrepreneurs, I automatically label them as arrogant hotshots to make myself feel marginally better.

Mary Beth Meehan’s open-mindedness and awareness shape her visualizations of other people’s lives through photography.

Through her interest in the way the world can be “studied and digested into narrative,” Meehan proves that there is always more to be heard from the people we pass on the street. Writing a portrait about someone who takes them so thoughtfully is not an easy undertaking, but this unease speaks to the magnitude of Meehan’s abilities.

Stories are Greater than Frames

Growing up in Walnut Creek, California, Kors’ passion for journalism began almost as soon as he could write. He recalls writing his first article at the age of four, after he explored an Encyclopedia Britannica that his mother bought for him.

As a middle school student, he continued to foster a passion for journalism, writing movie reviews for his school newspaper.

Although he laughs remembering that the paper consisted of just four pieces of paper stapled together, it served as a stepping-stone on his path to a journalism career.

Every aspiring musician dreams of playing in front of a screaming crowd. But not every musician has to worry about a member of the crowd screaming because he spilled his juice.

For Ben Gundersheimer, playing to sold-out crowds of kids is just part of a day’s work.

Gundersheimer, known to his fans as Mister G, is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter. His albums for young children have received Latin Grammy nominations along with impressive recognition from parenting magazines and foundations.

Early Life

While the men’s tennis team culminated its fall season two weeks ago at Bates’ Wallach Invitational and the Dartmouth Invitational. The Jeffs sent the doubles pair of Aaron Revzin ’16 and Michael Solimano ’16 to the USTA/ITA national small college championships. The best small college doubles teams from across the nation descended on Palmetto Tennis Center in Sumter, South Carolina to stake their claim in division three tennis.

At home this past Saturday, the Amherst women’s cross country team hosted the 2015 Little Three Championship.
In this meet, the Jeffs competed against the other two members of the Little Three: Williams and Wesleyan. Amherst’s final score of 59 earned them second place out of the three schools.

Williams earned first place with a score of 15, meaning each runner in the top-five came from Williamstown. Wesleyan finished third with a score of 69.