Meek Mill returned to the music scene last week with his highly anticipated “DC4,” the fourth installment in his Dreamchasers series. Fans of his early work will find themselves pleasantly surprised with his latest album, after 2015’s “Dreams Worth More Than Money” sounded more like a cash grab than a genuine attempt. Additionally, “Dreams Worth More Than Money” caused quite a problem from a publicity standpoint. The resulting feud with Drake turned the Philly native into a laughing stock for the better part of a year.

The Oct. 22 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by Tom Hanks, was full of successful comedy. The cold open was a spoof of the final Presidential debate, anchored by strong impressions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton done by Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon respectively. There was a smart take on the state of television comedies in a pre-taped sketch spoofing how serious today’s Emmy-winning sitcoms are.

Need to respond to your step-uncle’s concerning position on climate change? Facebook is the place. Don’t like a protest that one of your fellow classmates staged? Post a status on Facebook, and watch the comment thread devolve. Become angered by what you read in these comment sections? Write an opinion piece!

Oh, you have a friend back home who’s Indian? That’s nice — I really am happy for you. But I just don’t see what that has to do with me.

(Yes, I’ve had this said to me at Amherst several times.)

Trump absolutely cannot be allowed to win and everyone ought to vote for Hillary Clinton, at the very least, to prevent Trump from winning. Excellent. Now what? The issue of Hillary Clinton has been one that I’ve grappled with since it was clear that she had trumped Bernie Sanders in the primary. Like a man terrified of commitment, the best I can do is say I’m only sort of with her.

At this time of year — with big events on weekends and bizarre weather — it can feel hard to sit down and plow through homework. If you happen to be in a humanities class, you might often find yourself heading to class thinking, “who has actually finished all the reading?” Many courses assign infeasible amounts of readings to such an extent that even the professor will explicitly state that they would be not be surprised if many people hadn’t finished for class. Why is this the norm? Rigor does not necessitate large volumes of work.

In the last week of regular season action, the Amherst volleyball team went 2-1 at home, facing non-conference opponent Springfield College and finishing with two NESCAC matchups against Trinity and Wesleyan.