A frame on the wall posts the maximum occupancy in the SE Lounge, or Room 102, for Hitchcock House: "No Chairs or Tables — 165," "Chairs/Seating Only — 118" and "Chairs and Table or Similar — 55."

Data provided to The Student by a member of the Amherst College Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS) calls into question administrators’ assertion that the college needed to overhaul the Party Policy at the beginning of the semester due to a significant increase in risks to student wellbeing.

Student Affairs released an updated version of the Party Policy on Jan. 26 to student backlash. Changes include requiring one party sponsor per 20 people as opposed to the previous 50 and expecting party sponsors to work with staff to manage attendance levels.

The New York Times best-selling author Jeff Hobbs spoke at Amherst on Jan. 31 in Stirn Auditorium about his book “The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League.” The talk was hosted by the Conferences and Special Events Office.

Hobbs received a bachelor of arts in English language and literature from Yale in 2002 and published his first fiction novel, “The Tourists,” in 2007. He published his first work of nonfiction, “The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace,” in 2014.

Last week, I wrote an in-depth article detailing my issues with the Amherst party policy. I had to read through the policy many times, and I also had to think very hard about what I was writing. The laws of the universe dictate that, since last week was serious, this week’s column must be silly and mostly irrelevant. Sorry, editors! There’s nothing I can do! It’s the law of the universe! With that in mind, here are “Seven More Things I like or Don’t Like”:

Dianne Pater is a visiting assistant professor of biology and a consortium for faculty diversity scholar. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico and her doctorate from the University of California, San Diego.