Rose Miller ’16 is a senior psychology major. Her thesis explores aspects of of friendship, such as how friendships develop, whether or not they last and what people seek most in friendships. Her thesis adviser is Professor Catherine Sanderson in the psychology department.

Bob Neel ’16 double majors in religion and political science. His thesis examines the emergence and evolution of anti-LGBT legislation in the Anglo-Caribbean, and it looks at the strategies of grassroots LGBT-rights activism therein the region. His thesis adviser is Professor Javier Corrales from the political science department.

Cathleen Villapudua ’12
Major: Black Studies
Advisor: Rhonda Cobham-Sander

Romen Borsellino ’12
Major: Interdisciplinary (Political Psychology)
Advisor: Andrew Poe

What is your thesis about?
My thesis is essentially a look at the role of charisma in the elections process. Something that really fascinates me is American politics, especially the elections side, so one thing that I want to study is when people go to the polls, are they looking at the candidate with the best policy decisions, or the person who can just make the best case in general, based on some sort of charisma or personal appeal.

Dana Kaufman ’12
Major: Music
Advisor: Eric Sawyer