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By QRC Member   |   Issue 143-18
When many people think of the gay community, they picture wild raves and drunken sex. These images come at the expense of any sort of family life, especially one involving children. The reality lies somewhere in between....Read More
By Annika Lunstad ’21   |   Issue 147-25
In anticipation of her upcoming album, “Dirty Computer,” which will be released on April 27, Janelle Monáe began releasing songs in late February. In addition to the audio album, Monáe will release “Dirty Computer: An Emotion Picture,” a dystopian film starring Monáe herself....Read More
By Emma Swislow '20   |   Issue 147-25
Walking around campus any day of the week, at almost every hour, you’re bound to see an Amherst College Police Department (ACPD) cruiser driving around. While ACPD plays a visible role on campus, it can be hard to understand what it actually does....Read More
By Milan Loewer ’21   |   Issue 147-25
Maybe you’ve seen the stickers — in stairwells, on laptops, in the A level bathroom, perhaps. Maybe you’ve seen people repping the clothing around campus, and maybe you’ve wondered what is Leftovers, what is it all about?...Read More


By Eugene Lee ’16   |   Issue 147-25
I agree wholeheartedly with Joy Huang ’15’s op-ed response to the recent demand by Asian student organizations for a designated space on campus, in which she stated that demographics deserve spaces not because others have them but because they are members of the Amherst College community....Read More
By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 147-25
Journalism plays a crucial role in society, a fact we are constantly reminded of these days, as the nation’s political climate is shaped by allegations of President Trump’s extramarital affairs, the latest revelation of the James Comey saga and the upcoming summit between the U.S....Read More
By Emma Wilfert '20   |   Issue 147-25
Two weeks ago, I felt lucky to publish an editorial sharing my (primarily negative) experiences at Amherst’s Counseling Center....Read More

Top News

By Connor Haugh '21   |   Issue 147-26
Aziz Khan was picked last in his fifth versus sixth grade soccer match. “I actually started late,” Khan remembers. “I was not into sports when I was younger. I was more into arts, drawing and painting.” That day, when Khan was picked last, changed his mind. ...Read More
By Henry Newton ’21   |   Issue 147-26
Summing up an entire four years at one place is a difficult endeavor. However, in some cases, one word can easily encapsulate an entire experience. For Aditi Krishnamurthy ’18, that word is simple: unexpected....Read More
By Kelly Chian '20   |   Issue 147-26
Growing up in Hawaii, Reece Foy says the spirit of aloha was “just ingrained in the culture.”...Read More
By Seoyeon Kim ’21   |   Issue 147-26
An English and psychology double major and senior captain of the women’s basketball team, Hannah Hackley is a role model to many. Described as a selfless, caring and intelligent individual by those around her, she is known for having a positive impact wherever she goes. ...Read More
By John Kim '20   |   Issue 147-26
From her days in high school, when she was the captain of her science olympiad team and learned how to play both the piano and flute, to when she came to Amherst as a Schupf scholar and eventually became editor-in-chief of The Amherst Student, Jingwen Zhang’s future has always been as bright as h...Read More
By Daniel Delgado ’20   |   Issue 147-26
Stefan Yong is a black studies major with an eclectic set of interests....Read More


By Hugh Ford '20   |   Issue 147-26
Ask any member of the men’s club soccer team about Alex Frenett, and he’ll tell you that what he cares about the most is not the number of games the team wins but building a welcoming team community. ...Read More
By Julia Turner   |   Issue 147-25
Amherst women’s track and field competed in the third annual Sunshine Classic at Tufts this Saturday, April 21, in preparation for its upcoming postseason....Read More
By Arnav Parikh ’21   |   Issue 147-25
It was a big week for the Amherst women’s tennis team as the Mammoths took on a pair of NESCAC rivals in Wesleyan and Hamilton. ...Read More