AAS Holds First Official Schwemm’s Pub Night
Issue   |   Wed, 09/18/2013 - 03:03

David Kang ’16
News Section Editor

Last Thursday, AAS hosted the year’s first Pub Night at Schwemm’s Coffee House. Pub Night, which is slated to become a weekly event after two successful trial runs last year, provides Amherst students with an opportunity to socialize while those of legal drinking age can purchase alcohol.
Before last semester’s Pub Night trial runs, College students hadn’t seen school-sponsored alcohol service since 30 years ago, when the College sold beer and wine at a Fayerweather snack bar.

“I anticipate that AAS’s Pub Night will become a regular event,” says Director of Dining Services Charlie Thompson. “It’s supported by students and the administration — everyone wants it.”

According to Thompson, last week’s Pub Night was “well-received” and the students were “well-behaved.” He says he sees “no issues at this point” and doesn’t anticipate any in the future.

Of the roughly 80 people that showed up, 64 people were served a total of 81 drinks, mostly Coronas, Sam Adams, Bud Lights, and a few glasses of wine.

According to AAS President George Tepe, the academic year’s first Pub Night “was a great success; there was great social mixing between all sorts of people — people were talking to each other. There were athletes, non-athletes, and underage people all mixing together.”

Both AAS and administration officials expressed the hope that Pub Night would create a new, mature social environment in which a variety of people can mingle.

From the viewpoint of the administration, Dean of Students Jim Larimore, who plans to attend an upcoming Pub Night, shared: “Pub Night will provide some insights into ways that alcohol can be made available to students 21 and older in venues that allow students of all ages to socialize together.”

Based on the results of the last three Pub Nights, AAS and the administration are experimenting with new ways to increase student appeal. Thompson commented that funding has been provided for kegged beer, which means an “expansion of options.” Similarly, Tepe mentioned the possibility of “local brews, Octoberfest and cheaper prices.” Pub Nights will also potentially involve events such as Trivia, similar to the casino nights that occurred last year.

Pub Night’s current lineup of alcohol consists of a small selection of beers and wines. While the administration and AAS wish to expand said selection, Thompson indicated that hard liquor might not be readily accepted. Hard liquors would be the “next phase of conversation,” according to Thompson. Tepe, on the other hand, responded more positively, citing hard liquor as one of the next items on the Pub Night agenda.

Pub Night is every Thursday from 9 p.m. to midnight at Schwemm’s.