Aziz Khan was picked last in his fifth versus sixth grade soccer match. “I actually started late,” Khan remembers. “I was not into sports when I was younger. I was more into arts, drawing and painting.” That day, when Khan was picked last, changed his mind.

Summing up an entire four years at one place is a difficult endeavor. However, in some cases, one word can easily encapsulate an entire experience. For Aditi Krishnamurthy ’18, that word is simple: unexpected.

Growing up in Hawaii, Reece Foy says the spirit of aloha was “just ingrained in the culture.”

“It doesn’t just mean hello or goodbye, but it’s also a way of life — it’s a way to perpetuate love. In that sense, you come and show aloha to everyone, no matter where you are or who you are,” he said.

In this environment and culture of love, in which Foy viewed everyone as family, he dedicated himself to sports, focusing mainly on football, baseball and basketball.

An English and psychology double major and senior captain of the women’s basketball team, Hannah Hackley is a role model to many. Described as a selfless, caring and intelligent individual by those around her, she is known for having a positive impact wherever she goes.

When asked about his relationship to Hackley, women’s basketball head coach G.P. Gromacki simply replied, “I have not and cannot see anyone not having a good relationship with Hannah.”

Before Amherst

From her days in high school, when she was the captain of her science olympiad team and learned how to play both the piano and flute, to when she came to Amherst as a Schupf scholar and eventually became editor-in-chief of The Amherst Student, Jingwen Zhang’s future has always been as bright as her smile. Her easy-going and sincere personality, along with her motivation and leadership, has made her years at Amherst unforgettable — both for her and everyone around her.

Stefan Yong is a black studies major with an eclectic set of interests. As a member of Dancing And Stepping at Amherst College (DASAC) and DBJ Dance Crew (a Five-College group), former e-board member of the International Students Association and one of the founding members of the Asian Students Association (ASA), Yong is deeply involved on campus through a variety of distinct avenues.

“What to say about Josh?” began Professor of English Anston Bosman, whom Josh Harmon worked for as a research assistant during his junior year. “There’s his signature blend of smart and goofy. Crazy talented but always modest. Hard working though he never seems to break a sweat.”