Association of Amherst Students Executive Board Elections Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 04/03/2013 - 02:22

Chris Friend ’14:
If elected, I intend to ensure that all non-academic departments continuously look to improve aspects of student life on campus. I will ensure the MRC & Women’s Center receive all necessary and proper funding, improve communication with Residential Life and clarify and improve alcohol policy on campus. I am both a two-year senator and the longest serving current member of the Budgetary Committee. My leadership in multiple clubs and service on faculty committees with administrators should allow me to connect best with both the administration and the student body to make for a better Amherst.

Will Savino ’14:
My goal as President is to reach out to the student body for ideas on how to fix Amherst’s overarching problems. What’s most important to me is that no one feels marginalized, and that starts with AAS transparency. I want everyone to think they can come to me with their suggestions or concerns, and I want to do that by bringing our community together in whatever ways possible. With some hard work we can make Amherst a better place. Let’s do it together.

George Tepe ’14:
I am running for President because I want to promote campus unity. As President, I will work tirelessly to create more “Amherst Moments” that unite all of us as one campus and one community. As Senator, Judiciary Council Chair and Student Body Vice President, I’ve spent three years learning how to turn your ideas into action. I worked with Ian Hatch to purchase Amherst’s first electric car, led efforts to organize the rally for sexual respect and Day of Dialogue, and saved the AAS over $95,000. All of the candidates have great ideas. I will get them done.

Noah Gordon ’14:
With three years of experience under my belt, I’ve come to know the ins-and-outs of the AAS Senate. I’ve served the student body in many different capacities, and as a result I’ve come to understand that every member of the student government has a different role to play. That of the Vice President is to deal with the Senate so that the President doesn’t have to. I’ll work with whoever is elected President to improve student life. My top priorities are alcohol policy reform and a fix for the broken Reslife system. Please vote for Noah on Election Day!

Bryson Kacha ’15:
Hi! I am asking for your vote to be Vice President. I believe I possess the caliber, experience, know-how and vision needed to fill this office. I have served as senator, I have served as an alternate for the JC and I have served on the Student Community Engagement Fund. Vote Bryson Kacha!

Abigail Xu ’15:
Since Sept. 4, 2012, as your AAS Treasurer, I have offered office hours three times a week, responded to 868 budgetary emails and processed and signed 1748 checks. I have devoted 15 hours each week. Why? I really care about our student body and student life on campus. All students should be able to easily receive funding for the activities that invigorate and inspire them. This is the belief and goal I have held and worked hard for since day one as Treasurer. I will continue to do so with your vote. Experience, Dedication and Accountability — Vote for Abigail Xu!

Tierney Werner ’16:
Hello, Amherst Community! I am running as a candidate to be the AAS Secretary because I wish to serve the student body in the following ways: I wish to ensure that the integrity of the Senate is preserved through properly maintained written records, and I wish to make communication with the Senate as smooth as possible, so that we can truly hear the voices of the students at Amherst. My personal emphasis on attention to detail, organization and my passion for making Amherst the best place for all of us makes me a strong candidate to be your Secretary.

Judiciary Council Chair
Leilani Webb ’14:
I would like to run for Judiciary Council Chair for the year of 2013-2014. I initially felt compelled to do so because as a Peer Advocate, I have seen and heard about campus injustice and want to be a proactive force of positive change. Additionally, as a student leader of the Amherst Women’s Network, I realized that I should stop just encouraging other women to represent our campus voice and do it myself. I think I am a very likeable person who can add fresh blood to Senate and help elucidate more of this campus’ student body on what it means to have student government representation.

Oluwatomi Williams (Tomi) ’16:
My name is Tomi Williams and I am currently the Judiciary Council Chair. I have learned a lot in the past few months about the role of the JC Chair and am quickly getting the hang of the position. Although the role of the JC Chair is often overlooked, I would like to use the position to better the student body and the Amherst Community as a whole. I have been working with sitting Senators to come up initiatives that would help me do so.