Association of Amherst Students Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 04/17/2013 - 12:02

Class of 2014

Kasope Alesh
I am an History & Environmental Studies major from Nigeria and a candidate for re-election for Senate for the Class of 2014. As senator, I have worked to create more programming with the Career Center for study-abroad returnees and brought back Frank’s Red Hot chicken sandwich back on the Val menu. Next year, I will continue to push for the creation of a coherent, well-defined policy on alcohol, help make the Music Center and other classrooms more accessible and revive forgotten Amherst traditions. Vote Kash! for Senate.

Christian Aviles
I want to be the very best, like no senator ever was. To represent Amherst is my test, to fight for you is my cause. I’ll travel across Val, searching far and wide, for each student’s needs that I’ll hopefully understand. Amherst, it’s you and me. I know being a senator is my destiny. Let’s fight for Amherst. Our courage will pull us through. Vote for me and I’ll fight for you. It’ll be a challenge. It’s never easy when there’s so much on the line. But you and I can make a difference. One day at a time.

Erik Christianson
One thing that I’ve learned serving as AAS senator on various committees is the degree to which one voice changes the debate, and thus radically shapes our experience at Amherst. On issues ranging from preserving on-campus storage to the types of commencement speakers we want, I’m proud to have strongly advocated for students as your AAS senator to our deans, faculty and trustees. I sincerely hope to be able to continue doing so next year as your representative.

Matt Debutts
Hi all, my name is Matt DeButts and I am running for Senator for the Class of 2014. I’ve served on Senate for three years now, and in these three years, I’ve hosted two Election Night Watch Parties (2010 and 2012), planned the Schwemm’s Pub Nights and presented in front of the faculty to advocate for a raise in course enrollment limits. I believe that AAS senators should stand up for student interests whenever possible. I have done that for three years now, and I hope you will elect me to do so once again.

Chris Friend
If elected to represent the class of 2014, I will work with the rest of the senate and the e-board to try and implement a number of ideas I wanted to implement as a presidential candidate. I hope to improve res life, alcohol policy and how the AAS engages with issues of sexual respect. I am a two-year senator and the longest serving current member of the Budgetary Committee. My leadership in clubs and service on faculty committees with administrators should allow me to connect with both the administration and the student body to make for a better Amherst.

Ian Hatch
I have three main priorities for next year. Firstly, I hope to improve Amherst’s social life. Aggressive alcohol enforcement patterns coupled with a lack of social spaces on campus have made our parties only less safe and less enjoyable. Secondly, I wish to continue outreach efforts to build representative classes of senators. Only when the senate looks more like the community it serves will it become a trustworthy pillar of student life. Lastly, I hope to assist the MRC in funding and articulating programming that broadly engages the student body. I would be honored to serve you again next year.

JJ Hoffstein
“It’s not what you quote, it’s whom you quote.” --JJ Hoffstein

Joseph Kim
Friends, I ask for your support in my campaign for re-election to the AAS. In my time in Senate, I have always strived to accurately represent our class’s opinions. Since being elected, I have engaged in projects to better enrich the student experience. For example, I distributed 5,000 boxes to the students for packing at the end of the year, I worked with the library and IT to have laptop chargers available at Frost and the Computer Center to check out, and I was part of the committee that made free shuttles available during breaks. Thank you for your consideration.

Liya Rechtman
Hey, my name is Liya Rechtman and I would be honored to serve as your senator! This year, I helped write the policy recommendations on the Sexual Misconduct Oversight committee and gained insight into some of the biggest challenges facing Amherst today. In the coming year, I would like to focus on strengthening the voice and efficacy of the AAS on issues including the freshman experience, alcohol policy and supporting student organizations. I believe that if senate can represent the diverse needs of the students in these areas, we can create a more respectful (and enjoyable) Amherst. Vote for me!

Nica Siegel
Hello, my name is Nica Siegel, and I’d be honored to represent the Class of 2014 in the AAS! I’m an LJST major, a first-year RC, Associate Editor of The Indicator and a dancer and choreographer for Amherst Dance. I’m also a passionate advocate for sexual respect, diversity, meaningful dialogue, and the creation of spaces that foster it. As your senator, I will embrace this sometimes destabilizing but necessary period of transition as a welcome opportunity to discuss Amherst’s immediate future, and what we hope our legacy will be. Also, Frost Café needs more electrical outlets.

Yilin Andre Wang
As your Senator for the past year, I co-organized the Rally to End the Culture of Silence, served on the planning committee for the Day of Dialogue and the MRC Special Committee and worked to re-envision the Campus Center. I am currently co-drafting a more reasonable policy for funding club t-shirts, creating an online calendar for booking event spaces, among other initiatives. Yet my favorite part of the job has been bridging mutual understanding between students and the AAS, which is still far from ideal. The work is not done, and I will continue to deliver.

Class of 2015

Amani Ahmed
Hi class of 2015! Once again, I’m running for AAS Senate — hoping to be elected a senator representing the class of 2015. I’ve served on Senate for the past two years and hope to continue representing you. Vote Amani Ahmed!

Eleanor Andersen
I want to run for AAS senate because I believe that I can bring a fresh point of view to the senate discussions and because I genuinely want to help the Amherst community. As a member of the varsity field hockey team, I think that I could be a good representative of athletes. Furthermore, having heard about my mother and brothers’ previous experiences at Amherst, I have seen how much our social life has changed, and I want to help rebuild the student community and create more social outlets in which the student body may become more integrated.

Peter Crane
Hi there everybody! As some of you know, I have been involved in campus issues since freshmen year. I have spearheaded AAS activities ranging from a class Secret Santa to leading the free shuttle vans. I am also the Spring Concert Chair and help run Program Board events like Great Gatsby night. I have big plans to improve AAS initiatives, like starting vacation shuttle service to New York and promoting class spirit. More broadly, I wish to promote a culture of constructive attitude to the AAS, which will help politics from getting unnecessarily ridiculous. I’d appreciate your vote to continue this mission!

Enkhnasaan Enkhbold
Fellow Amherst students, it is my hope to serve you as a Senator of the Class of 2015. Like all of you, I love Amherst College for both what it is and what it could be. As an active and involved member of the community, I have had many ideas about how to improve campus and make it something that we can all be proud of. These ideas, however, prioritize the College’s needs at this present moment. As it would be my most important role, I promise to address whatever issues arise by always representing your concerns and ideas.

KC Fussell
I wish to be a candidate for Senate this year largely due to what I and others have observed as a lack of communication between the athletics and the AAS. I believe I can successfully bridge this gap and represent others due to the experiences I’ve gained from involvement in the CCE’s athletics branch (ATEL) and from the athletic department’s advisory committee (SAAC). The experiences that I’ve taken away from my involvement in these two groups as well as my desire to improve Amherst I believe could be used to great effect in the AAS.

Rama Hagos
Hello, my name is Rama Hagos and I am running for re-election to the AAS. I thank those who supported me last year and hope to gain your support again. To those who don’t know me yet, I would also like to gain your support. On Senate, I have been a member of the Transportation Committee, working to bring shuttles for holiday breaks. I have also been involved in the Elections Committee where we have worked to make Senate elections more accessible. If re-elected, I will work to improve campus life through programming that will actively engage the campus.

Claire Jia
Hey everyone, I’m Claire. After two years at Amherst, I’ve seen what makes our school amazing and what we need to improve on. I’d like to make the AAS a safer place for women to speak out. I’d like to change the way that social events are organized, so we can avoid those awkward four-person TAPs. Most importantly, I’d like to listen to you. As a captain of the AC Mock Trial team, I’ve learned how to work with many different types of people. I’ll fight to make your voice heard. It’s a new year: let’s elect a new girl.

Bryson Kacha:
Hi! My name’s are Bryson Kacha and I was a senator for the class of 2015 last year. I served on the Judiciary Council, I served on SCEF and I would like to continue serving you in the coming year. Some of the issues I intend to work on are, among others, introduce a bylaw clarifying the eligibility of seniors with an “E” (e.g. 2015E) to vote and stand for office, and work with squads and RCs to increase awareness in first-year elections because these elections is key to greater inclusion in the senate. Vote Bryson Kacha!

CM Randall
I can help people. Helping is my constant preoccupation. I’m fair and impartial, just like our penal system — or at least how our penal system is supposed to be. I’m temperate, I’m observant and I listen before I talk. I can bring a unique perspective to our Student Senate. Consider me a Robin Hood figure, I fight for the weak. I give them something to believe in. Vote CM.

Adaugo Ugocha
My time at Amherst has taught me that many here on campus don’t feel represented or that their voices are heard on campus, which leads to less-than-stellar student experiences on campus. Thus, I want to be able to be in the position to not only connect and listen to students who want their concerns and perspectives to be heard, but also to put them in the forefront of the student government’s agenda and make it known to the administration what the various facets going on within our student body are.

Blaine Werner
My name is Blaine Werner, and I would like to run for the class of 2015 Senate. As a Senator, I intend to work towards creating new campus-wide events that bring together the campus. Events like Community Hour and groups like Gad’s House of Improv consistently bring the Amherst community together for fun and growth. There are numerous possibilities for new traditions, with various groups and clubs, for our school. I also intend to be an open ear for the student body and an active voice within the Senate.

Class of 2016

Adorian Atkins
Hi, my name is Adorian Atkins (rising sophomore), and I would like to run for a Senate position. Although I have not had experience with AAS, I was in student government all 4 years in high school. I am also a varsity soccer player, and think I could add diversity to AAS. I will further discuss my goals as an AAS Senator on speech night.

Shruthi Badri
Hi. I’m Shruthi! As a senator this past year I’ve fought hard to ensure the voices of first-years are heard and considered regarding issues of sexual respect and alcohol use, multiculturalism, international student experience, student storage, IT policy and website use, dining services, facilities, club funding, residential life and other general aspects of student life. I believe I’ve largely been approachable and short of taking the weather gods to task, managed to get most student concerns I’ve heard taken into account. I hope to be given the opportunity keep representing you and everything you care about.

Servet Bayimli
“I’m Servet and I’m here to serve you.” I did my best to keep that promise as a first-year senator, and I hope to continue doing so. As a member of the judiciary, transportation, IT and first-year orientation committees, I brought forth hard work and good ideas. I helped advocate for a variety of student issues, earning club soccer funding and school-sanctioned Pub Nights. I also helped other senators and students with the Day of Dialogue, the Fall Rake-Off and the reinstatement of the AAS Teaching Award. Thanks, and as always, please approach me with any ideas!

Jane Berrill
Hi! I’m Jane Berrill. I would love to have the chance to represent you in Senate. I believe that since I am a new candidate I would bring innovative ideas and a new perspective to Senate. My main goals are to make the campus run more efficiently and help build a stronger community for everyone. I think that the most important job a senator has is to represent the class; therefore, although I have many ideas to improve the school I am more interested in hearing from you about your ideas, concerns and comments.

Juan Gabriel Delgado Montes
Eight months! We’ve finally had time to meet each other. I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of you, but above all I’m excited to meet the rest! I’d love to continue representing you in the AAS, to continue fighting for the causes closest to us. As your senator this year, I have garnered valuable experience and am capable of transforming ideas into action. I will work hard, and I will be held accountable. With AAS funding close to $1 million, there is much potential for what we can accomplish, but also much at stake.
Doyle Judge
My name is Doyle Judge and I am a freshman here at Amherst College. I am running to represent the class of 2016 in the Amherst Student Senate. I believe my experience with student government in high school, as well as my involvement with Amherst Athletics and the Amherst Leads program makes me a qualified candidate for the position. I am looking forward to the opportunity of running. Thank you.

Robert Kermes
Many Senators think that only showing up to vote at AAS meetings is enough. But it is only through broad support from the student population, not just Senate votes, that we can demand transparency from the administration on the enforcement of the alcohol policy and clarify the pathway to recognition for club sports. As Senator, I would accomplish these goals by fostering an activist culture on campus, because the best way to get results is to build strong support for a cause, not just to vote in favor of it. I would appreciate your vote in Thursday’s election.

Sam Keaser
Over the past year I have had the privilege to serve and represent the class of 2016. Campaigning in the last election, I promised to work with students, the administration, and my fellow Senators to improve the quality of life on campus and to foster a sense of inclusivity. In representing student voice on issues from student storage to alcohol policy, and volunteering as a group leader during the Day of Dialogue, I believe I have shown a commitment to these ideals. I look forward to continuing my work, and hope that I can count on your votes this Thursday.

Kamaria Laing
Hi everyone! I’m Kamaria Laing, and I’m excited to be running for 2013-2014 Senator for our class. I’m extremely passionate about hearing the opinions of our class and putting them into action. I plan to support more student say in what affects all of us like Val. I’m committed to leading in the most efficient, friendly way possible and lead in organizations on campus like the AWN. I plan on supporting more funding and staffing for our MRC and Women’s Centers and more effective ways implementing what we want. I’m looking forward to running and hearing your thoughts!

Judd Liebman
My platform is simple: your ideas are my ideas. I, like other candidates, am approachable and will listen to your proposals. The main difference between me and the other candidates is how we plan on getting your ideas. The main policy change I hope to implement is an AAS table in the Valentine Atrium during Friday’s meal hours. This gives students an easy way to make suggestions without having to go out of their way. Senators would then be required to follow up via email. Elect me, and we’ll get things done together.

Andrew Lindsay
EIGHT MONTHS!!? Yes, it has been that long. We’ve all settled in (for the most part) and made friends (hopefully) but one thing remains certain; as a community we still have issues we need to address. As a senator, among other things, I would encourage a more relaxed party policy and campus enthusiasm about senate affairs (through ideas like renewing the “Pain in the AAS” column). To get this done I will rely on the skills I have gained and the people I’ve met. I’m organized, efficient and dedicated. VOTE ANDREW LINDSAY FOR SENATE!!!

Hao Liu
Hello! After serving on the senate for one year, I’m seeking re-election and will be honored to be your Senator. I serve on the Budgetary Committee, promoting funding for student activities. I support student activism, representing Pride Alliance and TWLOHA for funding. I humbly serve on the IT Committee and contributed to making Amherst mobile webpage more user-friendly. My goal — make the Senate more accessbile for everyone. I’m currently working on a social-enterprise, The Green Garage Co., which provides students lower prices for electronic appliances. Stay tuned! Vote for experience, vote for reliability. How to vote, vote for Hao!

Mercedes MacAlpine
My name’s Mercedes MacAlpine, and I’m running for student senate. With my first year of college almost behind me, I feel like I’m beginning to understand how things work around here and I’d like to do what I can to make a difference. If elected, I would like to use the opportunity to bridge gaps within the community and increase school spirit (ahem, hand-sewn cheerleader outfit, anyone?). College is a completely different ball game, but I’ve got experience working on leadership teams from a two-year program in high school, as well as having been school president my senior year.

Manuel Morales
When voting for your 2016 class senators, pick the new, refreshing, vibrant, Manuel Morales. As a former student body president, I know what it takes to not only lead, but also to listen. Whatever the task at hand was, I always sought student feedback to help better the student body. Having been an AAS BC member, I have gotten experience into the funding policies. Also a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team, I will represent and fight for club sports. Also, beginning to work with the CCE, I want to better connect our College community with the towns around us.

Richard Park
Hey guys! My name is Richard Park, and I would be honored to be your senator again. The most valuable thing I learned from the AAS this year was the student body’s powerful input. I had the honor of working with students who approached me about school issues they genuinely cared about. I want to continue making headway with the current projects that were in my initial platform, but most importantly, to channel such passion next year and try my best to see that all the ideas you care about are addressed.

Ali Rohde
Elect me, Ali Rohde, as Senator for the class of 2016! I have loved my time here at Amherst, so I want to represent the school in any way I can. As Senator, I would work to ensure that we use the momentum of this past year to continue to make improvements to Amherst. One idea that I would implement if elected would be to create a virtual lost and found, a website where all students can visit if they lose or find a possession. This is just one of my many ideas for improving Amherst. Vote Ali!