Association of Amherst Students Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 02/05/2014 - 03:00

Senator for the Class of 2015:

Amani Ahmed
Hi 2015! My name is Amani and I’m running for the Class of 2015 Senate. Not including the semester I was away from Amherst, I’ve been on Senate my entire time at Amherst. I have the experience necessary to continue the meaningful work I have done as a Senator. I was a member of Budgetary Committee — the committee that allocates funds to student clubs on campus, in addition to the First-Year/Orientation and the Appointments Board committees. I have always worked to be both a dedicated and an approachable senator — and your vote will allow me to continue that. Vote for me!

Kyra Ellis-Moore
Hello! I’m running to represent the Class of 2015. Last semester I studied abroad in South Africa, which was a great experience, but has made me excited to return to campus and continue work that I started as a senator my freshman year. I am heartened by the progress that Amherst has made over the past couple of years promoting mental health, grappling with sexual misconduct, and increasing resources for students, but much more needs to be done. I am ready to work tirelessly for the cause and would love the opportunity to do so as a senator! Thank you.

Andrew Hurn
Hi, my name is Andrew Hurn, I’m a Biology major and a contributor to various campus organizations. Amherst has changed a great deal in our time here, a lot of that credit goes those in the AAS that have served earlier. They have done so much for our class, and I want to do my part and contribute to making Amherst a more perfect community. I’m running as a senator because I am a confident, capable and enthusiastic leader, with a voice to share and an ear to lend to every member of the class of 2015.

Christina Won
I’ve spent my time here trying my best to make small contributions to our campus community. During my two years on Senate, my favorite project was coordinating a successful outreach campaign to increase women and varsity athlete members in the 2013-14 Senate. I loved the chance to work towards what felt like a more complete picture of the Amherst community, and I’d love to keep working in similar ways to serve you and our campus. Thanks and happy spring semester!

Member of the Judiciary Council:

Johnathan Appel ‘16
My name is Johnathan Appel and I’m running for the available at-large seat of the Judiciary Council. As a member, I’ll be excited to work with the JC chair and the other members on a proposed revitalized involvement of the Council into AAS activities. I will help codify and streamline the process of the continuous review and recognition necessary for our students groups to function and connect with the AAS’s resources. I’m eager to gain a full understanding of the AAS’s laws and constitution and work with the other branches to ensure transparency and efficiency for the student body.

Savannah West ‘15
Hello! My name is Savannah West and it would be an honor to serve as a member of the Judiciary Council for this semester. If elected for this position, I would work tirelessly to understand the letter and spirit of our Constitution and to encourage efficient legal procedures in the AAS. I can and will serve the Judiciary Council and student body with reasoned judgement, integrity, and zeal. Vote for Savannah for Judiciary Council!