Coach's Corner: Todd Doebler, Men's Tennis
Issue   |   Thu, 08/28/2014 - 17:41

The Amherst men’s tennis team will be welcoming a new head coach this year, Todd Doebler. A die-hard Philadelphia sports fan who still has been known to call into Philly sports talk radio, Doebler brings with him a love for the game as well as wide variety of coaching experiences, both at the Div. I and III level. He is excited to join the Amherst community, and the team is equally as excited to have him.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am originally from Hatfield, Pa. Not too far from Philadelphia.

Q: Where did you go to school? And what did you study?
A: I graduated from Bloomsburg University with an undergrad degree in psychology, and then I got my master’s degree, also in psychology, at the University of Hartford.

Q: Did you have other career aspirations?
A: For a while I wanted to be a college professor either in education or psychology.

Q: Any other background info? Family? Pets?
A: My dad was a middle school teacher and coach. He got me going with sports at a very young age. We also had a dog growing up and most times it was a golden retriever. Now, my parents live closer to my sister in Utica, N.Y., so it will be nice to be back closer to them.

Q: Did you play any sports other than tennis growing up?
A: Growing up I played a lot of sports. I played everything I could. Soccer, hockey, baseball, golf and tennis.

Q: How did you become interested in tennis?
A: I started playing tennis because I would watch my dad play with his buddies, and I thought it looked like fun.

Q: What was it like to play tennis in college?
A: College tennis is a great sport because you have to learn how to compete and work through days when you aren’t playing your best tennis, but the team is still counting on you.

Q: What do you enjoy about coaching?
A: Coaching gives me a great opportunity to help student-athletes not only develop as players but also grow as people during their four years as a college athlete.

Q: What are some of the challenges you face as a coach?
A: I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure the team is playing their best tennis at the end of the year when it counts the most. Additionally, taking over for Coach Garner is going to be challenging because he did such an amazing job in his years here at Amherst.

Q: What about transitioning from Div. I to Div. III?
A: I am very excited about this transition back to Div. III. My coaching career began at Trinity College, so I feel like my career has come full circle in returning to the NESCAC. Div. III tennis is such a special experience, and there are so many great players coming to play for schools like Amherst, so it creates a great coaching environment.

Q: Through all of your experiences at a variety of different coaching programs, what are some of your favorite memories?
A: Great question ... There are so many memories and amazing experiences that I have had along the way. It’s hard to name them all. I have been very fortunate to work for some of the best coaches in college tennis and also coach many special players. It is very special to still be able to be in touch with players from all of the schools I have coached with. These relationships make being a college coach such a rewarding experience. I am very excited to bring all of these experiences here to our guys on the team.