AAS Student Body President Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Sun, 09/21/2014 - 20:09

Elson Browne-Low '15

Is leadership just about giving instructions? No. I believe firmly that leadership is about helping us find faith in ourselves, find faith that we can take a stand for the things that really matter in our communities. Students voting on Board of Trustee decisions and a reformed AAS are possible, if we choose to believe in ourselves. This election has always been about having faith in our collective ability to turn our backs on popularity politics and say “Enough!” It is time we refused to let Amherst be any less than the great community it can be. Vote Elson Browne-Low!

Peter Crane '15

Amherst deserves a president who has gone above and beyond to produce positive change. I believe I’ve done that. In my three years in AAS, I’ve expanded thanksgiving and spring break shuttles to NYC, founded the first-year life and orientation committee, and have been involved in sexual assault activism and moving the MRC and WGC to their current locations. The overarching themes of my platform are sexual respect, community, traditions and orientation. Thank you for your consideration - Let's Get Back to Work.

Caroline Katba '15

Hello, I’m Caroline Katba, and I am running for student body president. Having not previously served in the AAS, I believe I have a unique understanding of the frustration shared by many students over inadequate representation of our hopes and concerns, and the apparent lack of consideration for student input in the College’s decision-making process. Through my experience as a resident counselor, I’ve learned how to work effectively as a mediator between diverse groups of students and the administration, to communicate and solve problems. I reject top-down management structures, and encourage you to come talk with me about solutions.

Oluwatomi (Tomi) Williams '16

When asked to explain why I decided to run for AAS President, several answers come to mind but I only have space to list three. First and foremost, I really do love this school. Secondly, as a Junior I will potentially have the opportunity to see through projects and initiatives that I would start as President this year. Lastly, in terms of experience: I have served on every branch of the AAS up until this point. The Judiciary Branch and Executive Committee as the Chair of the Judiciary Council and now, the Senate as a Junior Senator. Please consider voting!