AAS Senate Class of 2017 Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Sat, 11/01/2014 - 17:10

William Herman
Herstian Comrades, please note that I pander to the Nationalist solely as an {admittedly} unjust means for the accomplishment of what is an {undeniably} just end. So painfully self-evident is the justice of this end, it defies restriction within the walls of my {shamefully} individualistic consciousness. I must proclaim to all who will hear: THE REVOLUTION IS UPON US. The bourgeois power structure has cracked; its internal contradictions have proven unsustainable. Let us seize this opportunity to cast off the shackles of class-contradiction and ensure the success of the revolution. ¡Vote William Herman for the Peoples Association of Amherst Students!

Matt Macoy
My name is Matt Macoy and I am excited to hopefully become the class of 2017’s new Senator. I am a driven individual who will work hard for what is best for everyone in the class and school, not just what I believe. I feel that I bring a new perspective to what has so far been a tumultuous group of senators. As someone who is a part of a varsity team, but not an athlete I am able to represent both sides of that divide. I am very open to speaking with anyone so please reach out.

Lynndy Smith
Fellow Amherst students, my name is Lynndy Smith and I am running to be your Class Senator. My goal at Amherst is to ask: How might we? I believe that good communication between our Senate and student body is essential to making productive changes at Amherst. Success will only come as long as the students direct the Senate, not the other way around. I will help provide a voice for those who need to be heard. I love Amherst and I want to see it change for the better. For these reasons, please vote me for your Amherst Class Senator.