AAS Senate Candidate Statements: Class of 2017
Issue   |   Wed, 02/18/2015 - 00:58

Raymond Meijer

I’m excited to run for the opportunity to represent our class of 2017 in senate. I enjoy forming friendships with people who have a diversity of interests, ideas and backgrounds, and I look forward to responding to comments and concerns from various individuals, clubs and varsity and club athletics around campus. As well as being a reliable representative liaison to students and faculty, I hope to bring stability and transparency to the role of senator and work to establish better waste management, amongst other ideas. I promise to be a responsive and down-to-earth class representative. Thank you!

Thomas Moore

Hey, class of 2017!
It'd be an honor and a pleasure to represent y'all as a senator for our class. If elected, I would focus on finding resolutions to the conflicts present in our student body in order to allow more effort to be put toward things that benefit all students. I believe that if all the time spent fighting amongst ourselves was redirected toward discussions with the administration, we would be able to achieve many more of the changes we all want to see. Let’s work it out!

Lynndy Smith

Fellow Amherst Students, my name is Lynndy Smith and I am running to be your class senator. My goal at Amherst is to ask: How might we? I believe that good communication between our Senate and student body is essential to making productive changes at Amherst. Success will only come as long as the students direct the Senate, not the other way around. I will help provide a voice for those who need to be heard. I love Amherst and I want to see it change for the better. For these reasons, please vote me for your Amherst class senator.