AAS Senate Election Candidate Statements 2015
Issue   |   Wed, 04/22/2015 - 01:17

Judiciary Council

Felix A. Edwards ’18
Hello Amherst! I would be honored to serve you on the Judiciary Council. There is often ambiguity in the constitution and I want to ensure that the senate always works in the best interests of the student body. I want to work to make the complaint process transparent. Finally, I believe that the true importance of the Judiciary Council lies in its mission to approve new clubs. The ability to form meaningful groups is vital to the well-being of every student, and I want to ensure that every worthwhile club has a chance establish itself on campus.

Johsias A. Hussen (Joe) ’18
Hello! My name is Joe Hussen. It would be an honor to serve as a member of the Judiciary Council for this upcoming year. If elected for this position, I will work tirelessly to understand the spirit and commitment of our Constitution and to encourage efficient and ethical procedures in the AAS. I will serve the student body and the JC with reasoned judgment, integrity and enthusiasm. As a Senator this year, I served on the Elections Committee and the Budgetary Committee, both of which have given me great experience with the policies of the AAS. Vote Joe for JC!

Joshua M. Ferrer ’17
My name is Joshua Ferrer and I am running for re-election to the Judiciary Council. I have been involved with increasing voting accessibility and ensuring election fairness. I have also worked to maintain student input in the academic calendar process, add Young Alumni to the Board of Trustees, and change Amherst disability policies to reduce discrimination against students with alternative functionalities. As a member of the JC, I will continue to be a vocal advocate for the student body and will tirelessly support the principles of fairness, transparency, and equality.

Sanyu T. Takirambudde ’18
I’m Sanyu Takirambudde and I am running for Judiciary Council for the next academic year. As an international student from South Africa, the combination of my experience living internationally and domestically and collaborating with individuals from many cultures with varied competencies, communication skills and expectations will make me an asset to the team. I’ve been interested in getting involved in the student government, and the position of Judiciary council member specifically jumped out at me. As part of the Judiciary Council I will work extensively to make sure all student run groups are inclusive, recognized, and safe spaces.

Senators for Class of 2018

Areej Hasan ’18
Hi guys! My name is Areej Hasan, and I’m super excited about running for class senator! Thanks to your voices, I have drafted a plan called AMH-WORKS which aims to install a Momba vending machine in Keefe, renovate unwanted dorms like Val, improve information about clubs online, and most importantly, listen to the student bodies’ concerns. If elected, I will definitely implement real change. I do not make empty promises. A vote for Areej is a vote for AMH-WORKS! Let’s make Amherst work better!

Fawzi K. Itani ’18
Hi! My name is Fawzi Itani, and I’m super excited to be running for re-elections with so many of my amazing friends! It’s now a year later, and I feel like I’ve fully assimilated into Amherst. I’m ready to start impacting Amherst in major ways! I’ve juggled around some ideas, and I want my main focus to revolve around empowering public art, strengthening club relations with various school departments, and creating a “chill” social space other than Keefe. As a senator, this past year has been incredibly fulfilling and I’m really looking forward to serving Amherst’s community for another year!

Natasha Kim (Tasha) ’18
Hi! I’m Tasha and I’m running for re-election to represent our class as a senator for the second year! I am passionate about ensuring that all students receive the best support and resources from the college. This past year I worked on extending the reading period for students and served on the Title IX Review committee. I want to continue to advocate for student interests and well-being. Next year, I would like to organize events to keep our class as united as possible and to continue working to improve student mental health, academic advising and sexual respect on campus.

Siena Eileen Koh ’18
I look to represent the class of 2018 in the AAS in hopes of bringing more transparency, efficiency and accessibility to the Senate. It should be a given — not a campaign platform — that all Senators be open to constituent ideas; there needs to be more active effort on the Senate’s part to inform the student body of the important decisions being made and the projects at work, and to solicit student opinions on these matters. I would also like to work on restoring a sense of tradition and community at Amherst, and advocate for a greater focus on student satisfaction.

Aditi Krishnamurthy ’18
I’m excited to be running to represent the wonderful class of 2018 in the senate. I have loved getting to know the unique and talented people that make up Amherst, and want to work towards better integration of the different people here. I aim to achieve this through the facilitation of cross-discussion between the passionate but segregated groups on campus. To truly embrace our diverse population, we need a diverse campus culture. I will be an approachable, transparent, and effective intermediary between the student body and the administration, to further achieve practical goals such as printers in dorms. Thank you!

Hannah C. Lessels ’18
I would be honored to represent my class on the AAS. As a senator I would represent the voices of the students and work to create clear communication between the students and administration. My platforms are extending Val hours, bringing more healthy options to Val and making printing and laundry free. I am approachable and interact with people from varied backgrounds and interests so I have a good perspective bridging the gap between athletes and non-athletes. I plan to be accessible, open to new ideas and to help students become more involved in and aware of student government activities.

Scott Nelson ’18
Hello! My name is Scott Nelson and I am running for the position of Senator for the Class of 2018. For the past two semesters, I have had the privilege of representing our class in the AAS, and I couldn’t be more excited about everything that has been accomplished in one short year. If re-elected, I will continue to be an active intermediary between the AAS and the students it represents. I will be approachable, reliable, and attentive, all with the hope of getting your goals accomplished and your voices heard. I appreciate your vote!

Alejandro Nino Quintero ’18
As a senator, I would be eager to continue to work towards making our campus one where all students feel welcome. I hope to introduce programs that create a stronger community across classes, from incoming freshmen to rising seniors. I want to work closely with IT to make sure that the new website’s club pages have accurate and adequate information as well as developing short classes/seminars on useful computer programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. Most of all, I hope to represent the diverse interests of the class in a transparent, effective manner.

Mohamed A. Ramy (Ramy) ’18
Hello, all! After my first year at Amherst, I truly grasped that differences breed understanding not conflict. With such an eclectic student body, it can often be difficult to incorporate every perspective. Nevertheless, I assure you that your voices will not be ignored; your input is invaluable. Aiming to make the college more sustainable, the community more engaging, and the class more memorable, I find this senate position resonating with my aspirations, for I want to endeavor to be an impactful liaison between the student body and the administration. Indeed, I greatly share Mrs. Katie Fretwell’s sentiment: “You are Amherst!”

Frank Tavares ’18
This year, Amherst has discussed difficult issues, including racism on our campus, our mascot and even the fate of Pete. But these conversations have been mostly facilitated by administrators and staff, or remained online. If elected as a Senator, I would prioritize the reorientation of these conversations into the domain of students. The AAS should be a forum in which to debate and disagree, translating such discussion into action. We should have open, student-run Town Hall meetings, where we can work within a constitutional framework that allows us to take actions on our own timetable. Vote Frank for AAS Senate!

Phillip Yan ’18
Hi, I’m Phillip Yan, and I would love your support. It’s been a busy year! Over freshman year, I helped students meet the Dalai Lama in Boston, before we knew he’d be coming to Amherst this year! I distributed boxes for students moving during winter break. I’ve also worked on helping people finding shuttles for Thanksgiving and Spring breaks. Throughout the year, I’ve grown to understand just how important it is to reach out to the Amherst faculty, whether it’s to raise funding for boxes, or help coordinate events. Next year, I want set up mechanisms to strengthen that bond.

Daoping Zhang (Iris) ’18
Hello hello! I’m Iris from sunny Southern California. I would love to represent each one of you as senator and make your concerns and suggestions known. One of my major goals for the upcoming year is to continue building upon our class community by organizing class events, especially because we will no longer be conveniently living in the freshman quad. I hope to improve the Wi-Fi connection and increase the number of fruits in Val, among other things. Feel free to reach out to me anytime about anything you wish! I’d love to hear from all of you!

Senators for Class of 2017

Teresa J. Frenzel (Tess) ’17
Hey guys! I’m Tess Frenzel, a second semester sophomore in the class of 2017. I’ve been a First year resident counselor and SHE over the past year and after having such an incredible experience I’m hoping to continue being involved in building community at Amherst through Senate. As a member of Cross Country and Track at Amherst I’m hoping on decreasing the student-athlete divide by making sure resources for students and athletes more equal. One of the specific ways I hope to accomplish that is having LEADS speakers open to the whole campus, not just athletes.

Rashid L. Kosber (Chico) ’17
Hello everybody, my name is Chico Kosber. And as a proud member of the Class of 2017, I would love the chance to represent you all again this coming year as an AAS senator. I am an organized, deliberate, and social individual, and above all, I feel that I can effectively represent our class as both your senator and your friend. Please think of my name when you consider who to vote for in this year’s elections.

Pierre-Alexander D. Low ’17
Hello everyone/people who happen to read this page! I’d like to represent you in the AAS next year. While I’m bad at cover letters (and candidate statements), I’d be an excellent representative of our class and its concerns in student government.Here’s one small example of a project I’ll undertake if elected: On our beautiful non-frozen quads, the lack of functioning wifi makes working there to take advantage of the sun impossible. While this is but one small issue I see as resolvable, if elected, I’ll doggedly pursue fixing this grave injustice and other significantly more meaningful ones.

Jessica C. Maposa ’17
I am excited to run for the opportunity to represent you as a senator. If elected, I plan to spend my time advancing your interests and making your voice heard. I have served a student community as president of Marsh and I would love to bring my experience to the class of 2017 and AAS senate. Please approach me with any questions, concerns, or comments; I am looking forward to connecting with and serving all of you.

Raymond H. Meijer ’17
I’m excited to run for re-election to represent our class in senate. Though I was only elected a few months ago, I’ve greatly valued the Senate opportunity. I’ve supported student group initiatives such as the “I Support Love” t-shirts, gathered information at a strategic planning meeting in response to questions from classmates, and am helping with the Community Effect: Touching Strangers photo event as a way to strengthen campus unity. I hope to continue to contribute to a transparent senate and work on projects during a full term, and promise to be a responsive and down-to-earth representative. Thank you!

Andrew D. Orozco ’17
Hey there! My name is Andrew Orozco and I am running for senate! Since my arrival at Amherst, I have been overwhelmed by the presence of so many amazing voices on campus. However, I have also noticed that a fundamental lack of integration and communication has led to bad experiences for many students here. If elected, I pledge to put forth the same amount of devotion and passion I dedicate to my majors of Biology and Environmental Studies and work hard to intensify the presence and diversity of student voice in the Senate. Thank you and don’t forget to vote!

Evelyn S. Ting ’17
My name is Evelyn Ting, I hail from Ohio, and I am a Computer Science major. I want to represent the class of 2017 because I care about the concerns of my classmates. I know that I have often wanted to be more involved in making policy rather than just talking about policy. Therefore, I propose that we put up physical boards in public spaces on campus where students can initiate or comment on AAS issues and what they would like to see from us. I am excited to work for you.

George H. Ward ’17
2017s, I’d like to ask for your vote in the upcoming AAS election. I’m a double bassist in the Amherst Symphony Orchestra in the fall, and a student-athlete on the men’s lacrosse team in the spring. I serve on both the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and the Committee on Education and Athletics. I’m an Athletics Liaison in the CCE, and was an Orientation Leader this past year. At Amherst, I’ve worked with students, student-athletes, faculty, and coaches, and I look forward to working for you in the AAS.

Senators for Class of 2016

Johnathan T. Appel ’16
Hi everyone, I’m Johnathan Appel and I’m running for AAS senate. I’m a junior from NYC who has been involved in clubs and groups all around campus, including RC’s, Student Health Educators and WAMH. This year, as a senate, we have made a lot of progress towards reinvigorating the activist base of the student body and creating real change. As a member of College Council, I’ve helped create gender inclusive bathrooms in all single stall restrooms in public buildings and dorms. I’d like to use that same activist spirit and support from the student body to put pressure on the administration and faculty for free laundry and printing, moving the QRC to the Campus Center as well as a reexamination of student workload in light of the strategic plan.

Shruthi Badri ’16
Hi! I’m Shruthi and I’m running for senate to continue standing up for student interests, which is something I’ve tried to do throughout my time as an Amherst student, on senate and off. In the past, I’ve worked to retain student storage on campus, been a part of strategic planning for diversity and community, worked on bettering sexual assault policies and advocated for more responsive academic accommodations for students. If re-elected, my focus will be on the multiple facets of improving student health on campus and curricular reform. I hope you’ll continue to place your faith in me.

Carlos A. de Bracamonte ’16
Issues I’d like to address include Val’s operating hours and it’s impact on students’ academic work and extracurricular activities, support needed for students to transition from a liberal arts education into a highly competitive work-market place and the role that Amherst College should play in supporting that transition. If elected I would bring to the position a strong work ethic and experience in student government as a two-year member of my high school student council. For the last three years, I’ve been part of the Amherst Leads program, which fosters and promotes leadership and teamwork.

Virginia L. Hassell ‘16
Hi everyone! I’m running for re-election because I love Amherst! I am also continually inspired by YOU—my innovative and insightful peers. If elected, I will remain committed to making the college years at Amherst a more enjoyable student experience. Together, we can use our final year here to leave Amherst an even better place than when we arrived. I would be honored to have your vote this Thursday!

Samuel D. Keaser ‘17E
During our freshman and junior years I have had the privilege of serving the class of 2016 as an AAS senator — I would love the opportunity to represent you one final time. If reelected, I will push for an administration that engages with the student body, a curriculum that adequately considers the dynamic nature of what 21st century students need from a liberal arts education, and an AAS that actively seeks student input and critique. I look forward to continuing my work for, and relationship with, our class and hope that I can count on your votes this Thursday.

Manuel Morales Jr. (Manny) ’16
My name is Manuel Morales and I hope you will consider voting for me as a senator for the class of 2016. I have been involved with the AAS Budgetary Committee as an at-large member for two of the last three years. I hope to use my experience with the Budgetary Committee to work with Paul, the AAS treasurer, and other senators to expand the funding guidelines to fulfill future funding requests. Additionally, I want to help tailor college newsletters to fit students’ personal interests and work with student organization leaders to better publicize their meetings and events.

Alexandra B. Rohde (Ali) ’16
Hello! My name is Ali and I would love to spend one final year representing our class. During the past few years, I have been working to make the AAS as inclusive and representative of the student body as possible, primarily through my work with the Elections Committee and the Women of the AAS group. There is still much work to be done in this realm, and I hope to make more progress next year. I have loved serving on the AAS, so please vote for me to allow me to continue serving our class.

Tierney A. Werner ’16
Hello, Amherst community! I am running as a candidate because I wish to serve the student body in the following ways: I will advocate for more picnic tables outside, minors (so that we are not limited to majoring or not majoring), and greater communication from the senate to the student body. My personal emphasis on listening, organization and my passion for making Amherst the best place for all of us makes me a strong candidate to be one of your eight class of 2016 senators.