AAS Election Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 09/30/2015 - 03:11


Namita Khajanchi ’19

There exists no boundary within our freshman community, other than that which we impose upon ourselves due to fear of leaving our comfort zone. As a senator, I will give my full efforts to connect my fellow classmates, whether it be through connecting us with more water bottle stations or having dorm competitions to promote cameraderie. “Senator” is just a fancy name for something very simple: a representative. As a senator, my job will be to voice the concerns of all of the freshmen who have asked me to represent them, which I believe I can do very well.

Maeve McNamara ’19

Ever been so close to finishing that paper, but then you have to pack up and troop it to Merrill? Let’s push for Frost to stay open until 2 instead of 1! The first year quad is too beautiful of a space to not take full advantage of. I would promote the use of this space for spring outdoor events like a school-wide Lobster and Clam Bake. Having met a lot of you already, I’m really excited about what our class can become. Help me help you! Vote Maeve McNamara for Class of 2019 Senator!

William Zaubler ’19

I am running for Senate to represent the voice of the freshmen class. Although we are the youngest, most inexperienced, and lowest on the totem pole, we cannot let our status as freshmen define and restrict us. As such, my platform consists of three points: 1) To be a resource that amplifies the voice of our class; 2) To foster unity and cohesion among the freshmen class and the full student body; 3) To help freshmen experience new opportunities. I want to represent the full diversity of our class’s ideas and experiences, but to do so, I need your support.

Olivia Mastrangelo ’18

How do we make Amherst better? My first step: making the wellness of every student a priority. I am running to be your senator because I have the ideas and the initiative to incite change and improve both the resources on campus and the well being of the student body as a whole. My main goal is to ensure that Amherst improves its mental healthcare services so that we can truly meet the complete needs of our diverse student body. Amherst needs to take care of its students—body, mind, and spirit—and I will fight for that.

Mark Boyer ’16

My name is Mark Austin Boyer, and I have proudly served our community in an unofficial capacity since 2012, and I’d like to finally step out into the spotlight of public office. From founding the Alphorn Club to leading the German House, I have extensive experience in guiding my peers through the tangled web that is the Amherst social life. I am confident that with my diverse connections in orchestra, club sports, and the scientific community, I can finally bring our class together. Put your trust in me and together we will rebirth a flawed institution.

Judiciary Council

Caleb Winfrey ’19

“We educated, privileged lawyers Amherst College students have a professional and moral duty to represent the underrepresented in our society community, to ensure that justice exists for all” –Sonia Sotomayor. As a member of the AAS Judiciary Council, I will use my previous jurisdictive experience to promote an impartial student perspective in all concerns raised to the Council. I will honorably represent the Judiciary Council and the Constitution of the AAS through my own actions and will hold others accountable to do the same. In conclusion, if you support freedom and justice, then I am your man.

Lily Johnson ’18

I would be honored to serve as a member of the AAS Judiciary Council. I would uphold the Amherst College Constitution and do my utmost to represent both the Class of 2018 and and the rest of the student body. I believe that I am qualified based on my past experience to conduct continuous review of all student groups. In the case of a formal complaint, “I would bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.” I am confident in my understanding of the Constitution, Bylaws, and procedures observed by bodies of the AAS to be your representative.

Emmanuel Osunlana ’18

Hello, my name is Emmanuel and it would be an honor to serve the student body as a member of the Judiciary Council. I cannot, in good faith, promise an incentive to garner support for my candidacy. However, I can assure that I will dutifully and passionately commit myself to analyzing the AAS Constitution. As both a Resident Counselor and a Diversity Intern, I aim to enhance the student experience through optimizing available resources and thinking of new ways to match student needs. I hope to continue this goal — however I can — with the JC!