AAS Senate Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 09/28/2016 - 00:25

Candidate Statements for Class of 2020:

William Jang

Hello friends, my name is William (Billy) Jang, and I am running to fill a position for the AAS Senate class of 2020. I’m currently involved in crew, symphony orchestra, and ASA, but I’m positive I will be able to devote sufficient time to council. My current goals are to work on diluting the dense orientation schedule, to foster faculty-to-student bonding through a charity fundraising event, and to represent the student body fairly. I’ve had experience in student government/leadership positions in high school, and it was really rewarding to be able to see successful implementation. Thank you.

Daniel Njoo

I am running for AAS Senator because I am passionate about ensuring (to the best of my capabilities) that everyone’s voice gets heard. I feel particularly strong about this because having gone through secondary school avoiding leadership positions like the plague and then spending a year as a coffee intern and two to fulfill my national service obligation in Singapore, I know what it’s like to be a follower. I know what it’s like to not be heard. And I know that it sucks.

Sade Green

I am running for Senator because I believe I can best represent you. In the summer of 2015, I worked at the District Attorney’s Office. I served as a prosecutor on cases that involved domestic violence, vandalism and the illegal possession of weapons and drugs. My experience as a prosecutor has taught me the importance of fighting for what is right, every single time. I know that as your Senator, I will not overpower your voice but fight alongside it. My goals are to enhance communication between the student body and administration, promote social inclusivity and advocate for sexual respect.

Jenine Shepherd

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Grande.
I run a non-profit (Youths For Excellence Limited) in Jamaica. We tutor inner-city children, give them free health checkups, stationary and food, so they may compete with children from privileged backgrounds. Serving as Company Director has equipped me to run for senate. My interest in senate stems from my desire to initiate and inspire positive change, specifically by considering the voices of everyone. I’d particularly love to make changes in how Title IX is viewed on campus, thus improving sexual relations.

Gregory Franklin

Hello, My name is Gregory Franklin and I would be honored to be a senator for Amherst. In high school I was student council fundraising committee chairman, and the service chair for our school's National Honor Society. I love Amherst so much because of the student body that is unified and strong, so for me to have an opportunity to help foster this thriving community is an opportunity that I know I would be passionate about. If I were elected I would ensure to help make a great student body greater.

Viktor Karako

My name is Viktor Kurako and I would like to run for senate as a representative of the class of 2020. As an international student who has lived in the United States for five years, I bring with myself a unique and comprehensive understanding of the student body and can consequently contextualize the experiences of international students within those of their domestic counterparts. Furthermore, my varied interests lend me to view myself as someone who relates to a broad range of my constituents. If I am elected senator, I promise to represent the values and interests of my peers.

Lauren Knight

I feel that I would be a valuable addition to the class of 2020 Senate. As a Senator, I would strongly advocate for gender equality. It infuriates me that we are living in the twenty-first century and women are still faced with injustices like the wage gap. By collaborating with the Title IX review committee, I feel I would be able to work towards alleviating gender inequality at Amherst. In addition, I feel that I am an approachable person to whom fellow students will feel comfortable reaching out to with concerns they wish to raise to their class senators.

Natalia Khoudian

Communication and community. Two words that are inextricably and inevitably linked. As an experienced leader, I am ready to strengthen the communication between the student body and the administration. Having worked as an ambassador for Global Glimpse, an international leadership organization, I have the skill set to represent the wants and needs of the student body. Open-minded and approachable, I will work towards whatever is necessary to ensure the well-being of the Amherst community. I am an advocate for campus diversity, for sexual respect, but most of all, an advocate for you. Thank you for your consideration.

Jordan Edwards
My name is Jordan Edwards and I would be honored to represent the class of 2020. Having completed only three weeks in the school year, we are all still trying to find our place in the Amherst community. As an AAS Senator, I would make it my priority to ensure that no matter what space you choose to fill, it is one that is inclusive and one that everyone can thrive in. I hope that you will elect me to the AAS Senate, because I want to make everyone's experience at Amherst the best it can possibly be.

Candidate Statements for Class of 2018

Phillip Yan

Hey guys! I'm Phillip and I would love your support. My goal is to make AAS a place where we can see and make more meaningful change. I know that that it sounds like a tall order. The idea that it is impossible to impact change in the bureaucracy is persuasive; after all, institutions have a historical tendency to a negative peace. But Amherst isn’t about standing still; it’s about radiating outwards and enlightening one another. So let us strive to introduce inclusive funding policies, and let’s provide more resources for cultural and activist organizations, so that we may better ourselves yet.

Fernando Liu Lopez

Hi! My name is Fernando Liu Lopez and I wish to run for the class of 2018 Senate position. I have been an active member on campus so I would like to finally represent my class in the Senate. I want to focus on bringing equity to clubs, representing the students to the administration and bringing back the Oxford comma to all official Amherst documents. So vote for me because I might be great, awesome and brilliant.