AAS Senate Election Candidate Statements 2017
Issue   |   Wed, 02/15/2017 - 00:35

On Friday, Feb. 17, the AAS will hold elections for four senators from the Class of 2017, two senators from the class of 2018, one senator from the class of 2020 and a Judiciary Council Chair from any class. The students below have announced their candidacies for these elections. Students who are interested in hearing from these candidates, or interested in running but were unable to submit a candidate statement, should attend Speech Night on Thursday, Feb. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in Merrill 1.

Cole Vissicchio — 2020 Senator

I am interested in running for Senate because I have always been motivated to improve the community that I am a part of. While I love Amherst, I have heard a variety of complaints from students on a diverse number of topics and feel ready to address these issues. I will focus on working to make the social scene more inclusive and trying to address some of the frustrations students have with the lack of food options on campus. Most importantly, I plan on always acting as a bridge between students and the administration, regardless of the issue at hand.

Cosette Lias — JC Chair

Hi all, my name is Cosette and I would be honored to serve as your Judiciary Council Chair. I am deeply committed to the wellbeing of the student body and believe that I have much to offer. I have served on the Title IX Review Committee and have helped revise the trial system to be more just for survivors of sexual assault. As your JC Chair I hope to revise and update the constitution to be more in line with our values of inclusion and to also destroy eurocentric policies. Thank you for your consideration and I hope for your vote!

Maya Bhandari — 2020 Senator

I want to become a senator for the Class of 2020 because I want to help every member of our community enjoy Amherst as much as I have thus far. One of our college’s best qualities, in my opinion, is the diversity of interests and opinions its students harbor. I am interested in hearing my peers’ concerns and suggestions and would like to have the ability to turn those ideas into realities. From social functions to suggestions for President Martin, I am ready to advocate for my class on all matters.

Sarah Weintraub — 2020 Senator

I’m Sarah Weintraub and I’m interested in being a senator for the class of 2020. I learned a lot about Amherst during my first semester, and I think that I am well equipped to address the needs of my class. I’m an approachable person who is open to suggestions and critique. One goal as a senator would be to increase transparency among the school administration, the AAS and the student body. I would also like to specifically address social life on campus because I think that’s something that will only improve if changes come from students.