2017-2018 AAS Executive Board Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 04/05/2017 - 19:34

The AAS will have elections on April 6 for next year’s Executive Board. Amherst students will receive an email on April 6 with the link to cast votes. The following candidates will be on the ballot for the positions of president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and judiciary council chair.


William Jackson ’18: My presidential vision has less to do with specific policy goals than simply reimagining the process of student government at Amherst. As president, my first responsibility will be to listen to students from across campus and hear their questions, hopes, and concerns. Secondly, I will work to unite groups of students around issues that they are passionate about, working with them to develop ideas into actionable policy proposals. Finally, I will work to connect students with relevant administrators in order to help these ideas come to fruition. Also, I will bring Chance the Rapper for Spring Concert next year.

Aditi Krishnamurthy ’18: Between underusing weekly meetings, ineffective communication with students, and an excessive focus on bureaucracy, the AAS has lost sight of its mission: to serve as a liaison between students and the administration. Getting the AAS back on track requires a President with an existing familiarity and knowledge of how Amherst works. My time as a Senator and your current Treasurer has equipped me with the experience and ability to hit the ground running to rebuild the AAS as an institution that effectively advocates on behalf of students. You let me balance our budget, now let’s fix our Student Government! Thanks!

Vice President

Kyndall Ashe ’18: I would like to be your vice president because I see positive change on the horizon. Amherst is in a unique place in its history, and it is up to us as students to usher in necessary change for all students. I bring to the table good relationships with key members of our administration, and thus I can connect students and those who can implement real change. I want to use my knowledge of the administration and political tools to address the concerns of all students and to help the president, the AAS, and the Amherst student body to succeed.

William Zaubler ’19: Hi – my name is Will and I would be honored to serve the Amherst community as the Vice President of the AAS. After representing the Class of 2019 as a Senator for the past two years, I believe I am well prepared to serve as the Vice President of the AAS. As you can see in my platform on Facebook, I have real plans to make real changes that will benefit all members of the Amherst community. I will be a Vice President who reinvigorates the AAS as a resource that can, and will, serve the entire student body. Thanks!


Jacob Silverman ’19: My name is Jacob Silverman ’19 and I’m running for AAS Treasurer. I have two years of experience on the Budgetary Committee, working under the leadership of former Treasurer Paul Gramieri and current Treasurer Aditi Krishnamurthy, where I’ve gained hands-on experience from both a policy and precedent perspective. If elected, I plan to make the funding process more accessible to a wider audience. I plan to make the Budgetary Committee funding guidelines clearer and implement a mentor system where, upon request, current BC members help individuals or groups navigate the funding process. Vote Jacob Silverman for AAS Treasurer!


Renai Foster ’19: As an AAS senator for the past year, I have served on the Discipline and Dining Committee, working to help make students more comfortable here at Amherst where these departments are concerned.  While maintaining school, three jobs and Senate, I have gained valuable experience in organization and accountability for myself and my peers. If elected Secretary, I hope to improve polices regarding the AAS Vans and reform Amherst’s storage policies and procedure. I also hope to work with the Senate and Executive board to including student opinions in its decisions on behalf of the entire community.

Judiciary Council Chair

Jénine Shepherd ’20: I'm Jénine Shepherd and I'd love the opportunity to be Judiciary Council Chair. I currently serve as senator for the class of 2020 and work on the Dining, Budgetary and Faculty Orientation and Planning Committees. I also serve on the Sexual Respect Task Force. As JC Chair, I'd serve the AAS and the student body at large with integrity, astuteness and enthusiasm in reforming the constitution to align with the ever evolving purpose of the AAS and boost campus awareness of details regarding the constitution.