Last weekend, a group of students — with the support of The Green Room — performed “Lizzie: The Musical.” A rock-musical interpretation of a famous story from the Massachusetts area, “Lizzie: The Musical” is about a woman who was accused of killing her father and his wife with an axe but was found not guilty of the crime at trial.

Amherst College is known for its open curriculum, which allows students a large amount of freedom in which classes they choose to take.

However, particularly around advising time, the open curriculum can be stressful. It forces us to begin to choose not only our courses for next semester, but also the specific academic paths which will prepare us for our futures.

Classical music concerts often seem inaccessible to those who haven’t spent many evenings discussing Mozart, and wine-and-cheese pairings are often considered boring. However, the Centennial Tribute to Leonard Bernstein on Saturday, March 3, was utterly different. The Amherst College Choral Society and the Amherst College Symphony Orchestra joined forces, along with guest soloist Wee Kiat Chia, to perform some of Bernstein’s most famous pieces.

At this point in the year, many students find eating from a set cafeteria menu to be redundant. However, with some creativity, you can make meals that fit your personal tastes. Plus, the act of actually making the food creates a greater connection with it and increases the enjoyment in eating it as well. Try one of these ideas, some of which are mine and some of which are crowdsourced.

Netflix released the fourth season of its popular show “Black Mirror,” a modern reimagining of other-worldly science fiction shows like “The Twilight Zone,” just in time for the end of the last holiday season. The show’s creator, Charlie Brooker, described “Black Mirror” as “the way we live now and the way we might live in 10 minutes if we’re clumsy,” since it analyzes the possible results of technological innovation.

Last Friday evening, from 7 to 8 p.m., a number of Amherst students put on a beautiful performance of Claude Debussy’s musical works in the Mead Art Museum. The event, presented by the Amherst College Student Chamber Musicians, included eleven students, each of whom played or sang a different piece.

This performance took place in the historic Rotherwas room and was advertized on the event page as being “in conjunction with the current exhibition in the room ‘From the Picturesque to the Modern Vision: Landscape Painting in Europe throughout the Ages.’”

Whether you’re returning home for Thanksgiving or not, there were certainly be plenty of downtime next week, and if you’re anything like me, part of this time will be spent catching up on all the shows that have fallen by the wayside as a result of endless piles of work. Often, some of the best shows on Netflix and Amazon get lost amidst the countless promotions for the latest original series and suggestions for shows you’ve seen too many times. Here is a compilation of some of the lesser known shows out there for you to consider next time you want to enjoy good television.