The latest installment in the Marvel superhero franchise, “Thor: The Dark World,” hit theaters Friday, Nov. 8. Much like “The Avengers” (2012) and other recent films from the series, it does not disappoint.

On Saturday, the normally empty Johnson Chapel was abuzz. Older generations of alumni enthusiastically mingled about in the main congregation area of the building, while current students mixed with the alumni or kept to themselves. While younger students comfortably dressed in jeans or shorts with short-sleeved tee shirts, the alumni stuck to a less casual appearance of pressed khakis and a mixture of polos or light blouses with light cardigans on top.

Last Thursday began like any other day for yours truly — find a quiet spot at Val to eat breakfast, look over the previous night’s psychology reading, and peruse the day’s issue of The New York Times. I was surprised to find the front cover of a gray-haired man in uniform, staring somberly ahead at the camera with a blurred background behind him and the caption below: “Remembering 9/11.” With merciless guilt growing in my stomach, I realized that I had forgotten Remembrance Day, but I was not alone in this.

Amherst College is a community with a rich history in the arts, literature, economics and many other fields. We are a liberal arts college with the features of a smoothly-run world, with our law enforcement protecting the Mead Art Museum and patrolling the campus. There is usually a clear line between creativity and breaking the law because of this ... unless it’s vandalism.