Catherine Lowdon is an English and art history major. Her thesis examines the architecture of Amherst College and other NESCAC and Ivy League colleges. Her advisor is Nicola Courtright, professor of art history and architectural studies department chair.

The Residential Life Department has recently announced several changes to the housing selection and room draw process for the 2017-2018 academic year. Application forms and sign-ups for on-campus housing began on Monday, Feb. 13, and room draw this year will start on April 5.

The most significant change to the general room draw process is the redefinition of the groups that students form to enter the room draw process. In previous years, students were only able to form room groups, but the 2017 room draw will also offer the option to form “time groups.”

President Biddy Martin announced the selection of Sandra Genelius as the college’s chief communications officer in an email to the college community on Tuesday, Jan. 4.

Genelius will replace Pete Mackey, who resigned from the position last August.

“We selected Sandy after an extensive national search, through which she emerged as the top choice for this important position,” wrote Martin in her announcement. Chief Finance and Administrative Officer Kevin Weinman chaired the search.

On Aug. 30, the 472 students in Amherst’s class of 2020 moved into their new homes in the dorms on the first-year quad and commenced a week of orientation activities.

Students in the incoming class withstood a competitive application cycle last year, as Amherst admitted 1,161 out of 8,406 applicants, making for an acceptance rate of 13.8 percent. Approximately 41 percent of the accepted students accepted their offer from Amherst.