Since its inception at Worcester Polytechnic Institute seven years ago, the Student Support Network program (SSN) has made its way to numerous college campuses throughout the country, Amherst included.

After 15 years of using the same equipment, Campus Police’ is updating its surveillance equipment to meet 21st century standards. On Monday, Sept. 16, 2013, Amherst College Police Chief John Carter sent out a school-wide e-mail announcing the enhancement of his department’s closed-circuit camera system. The new technology’s installation is projected to be completed by the middle of the fall semester.

This year, Val’s salad bar contains new language. The typical designations still remain. Lettuce is still obviously labeled “Lettuce;” Carrots are still obviously labeled “Carrots.” But, if you look at the glossy white labels a little closer, you might see “Book and Plow” peeking at you in small print. Indeed, the College’s very own Book and Plow Farm has made its dining debut.