The term “genetically modified organism” (GMO) often inspires visceral reactions. To some, GMOs are cancer-causing, environment-destroying monsters created by evil biotechnology corporations. To others, they nourish a patronizing belief that American technological innovation is the only way to feed a growing global population with the onset of climate change. Misinformation abounds between these two schools of thought, and neither seems to have a firm grasp on the scientific realities and social implications of genetically modified crops.

On Sunday, Feb. 11, representatives from every environmentally-focused group and organization on campus, including the Office of Environmental Sustainability, congregated in the McCaffrey Room in Keefe. Each representative explained the work their group is involved in, some noting a desire to be more active or fielding ideas for upcoming projects. The meeting also marked the inception of the Food Justice League, a new group that will address social and environmental issues centered around one of our most basic needs.