Tom Misch is a unique talent. The 22- year-old British producer, singer and songwriter began his rise to fame on SoundCloud, where he released his homemade samples and mixes. He started making beats at 16 and got his first big break when the label Soulection found him through SoundCloud.

On the introductory track of Logic’s “Bobby Tarantino II,” Rick, from the popular animated television show “Rick and Morty,” poses a question in response to his grandson Morty’s request to listen to Logic on their spaceship ride: “What Logic are we talking about here? Are we talking mixtape Logic or album Logic?”

The boy band Brockhampton can best be described as a harmonious and quirky amalgamation of individual talent. From the sound of its music to the size of the group, not to mention each member’s individual style both inside and outside of the recording booth, Brockhampton strikes listeners as just plain different.