I would like to discuss the school-wide email chain dilemma. On Saturday two emails were sent to a school-wide chain advertising sporting event. The hockey team was in the semi-finals of the NESCAC championships and the basketball team was in the first round of NCAAs. Matt Fernald ’13 responded in a very provocative manner ultimately stating that this “spamming” was not only an inconvenience for him, but it also caused him to lose respect for those who sent it. In response, several other students sent emails that were extremely negative and even offensive.

Right now Amherst College is on a precipice. As criticisms run rampant about our administration and students, the school’s reputation itself is suffering. I understand the anger and pain being expressed by many, but I would also like to point out that Amherst is still a place that I love. Humans are highly imperfect, and Amherst is an institution run by humans. Additionally, the all-male history has added to the issues of our college struggling to deal properly with women’s issues.