Although the name of Susannah Grant '84, might not be immediately recognizable, the names of her various screenplays most certainly are. From the Disney classic “Pocahontas” and the much-loved fairy tale retelling of “Ever After” to the acclaimed “Erin Brockovich” and equally star-studded “The Soloist,” Grant is no stranger in Hollywood. In the almost three decades since graduating Amherst, the respected screenwriter and director has managed to touch the hearts and minds of millions throughout the world with her many films.

Fairytale Beginnings

“It was a time of hope, but a lot of fear. It was also a time the country was going up in flames,” said Agostine Ndung’u ’12 about Kenya in 2007.

In various forums this past week, Amherst students have been in heated debate as they voice their opinions regarding this year’s Spring Concert. While the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) funds the Program Board, its decisions regarding any events (including the Spring Concert) rest solely on the Program Board itself, and students have been demanding answers from both.

Valentine Dining Hall (@AmherstDining) has joined the ever-growing list of Amherst College Twitter accounts. Valentine has joined the popular media site in an effort to connect the dining hall and the students on campus. At 149 followers and one week in, this Twitter account has been testing the limits of its 140 characters to reach out to all those who check its “tweets” each day.

Thanksgiving is coming up and in terms of shopping, this means one very important day: Black Friday. Traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a time where everyone is out in droves hunting for the best deal. Some people, however, are better than dealing with this shopping madness than others. Infamous for creating long lines and all-night waits in front of stores, Black Friday can either be a great gift or a time to avoid.

With Halloween dressed up as Christmas this past weekend, it’s about time to start layering up in preparation for the freezing weather. One perfect way to do this is with scarves, which will not only provide you with warmth, but will also add a definite sense of style. There will be those days where it’ll be the same thick coat seemingly over and over again, but a dash of color or pattern in the form of a simple scarf will go a long way in switching things up.