Association of Amherst Students Senate Elections Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 02/08/2012 - 01:55

Class of 2012

Will Mosley ’12
Hello, name is Will Mosley, and I am running for a seat in the AAS to represent my class and vocalize issues that are near and dear to me. As a second semester senior, it would be rather foolish of me to think I can make ground-breaking legislation happen in such a small time frame, but I think I can bring something to senatorial conversations that is worth my time and effort. Issues I would like to address: our language around gender and sexual identities, curtains in Val, and getting walnuts for the salad bar.

Amanda Villarreal ’12
With my election as an AAS Senator of the Class of 2012, I hope to further my understanding of how the Amherst College community I have grown to know and love functions. I will work with campus resources provided by the Center for Community Engagement, its Engagement Advisors pilot program and the Multicultural Resource Center to assist students in taking well-measured steps toward changes they want to see at Amherst and in the outside community, particularly in issues of diversity. Vote Amanda Villarreal for the Class of 2012 Senate to promote more campus inclusivity, civic engagement and social consciousness.

Class of 2013

Josh Mayer ’13
Having returned from abroad this semester, I hope to represent the Class of 2013 once more in the Senate. This year, I would focus on improving the Senate as an institution so that it can more efficiently and effectively serve the student body. To do so, I would push for a consolidation and formalization of the Senate committee system, conduct a survey to determine who actually receives and uses AAS funds and continue work to revamp the constitution and bylaws. I would be honored to have your support and one of your votes.

Alex Stein ’13
Hi there, my name’s Alex. I served on the Senate for two years prior to going abroad, so I’ve learned how to get things done. If elected, I hope to focus on using our shared history and shared experiences to foster a stronger, more inclusive Amherst community. I have also been a leader in creating a more open-Senate — sponsoring the first AAS Town Hall and working with President Romen Borsellino to pair one senator to work with students in each dormitory. As a senator, I will build on these efforts to create a student government that truly represents student opinion.