When students fill out their preferences for Room Draw 2012 in a few weeks time, they will have a brand new option: gender inclusive housing. Following the College’s recent inclusion of gender identity and expression in its nondiscrimination policy, the Board of Trustees approved a campus-wide petition to allow students to choose roommates regardless of gender.

Dressing like you know what you are doing and dressing effortlessly are not mutually exclusive. Being crisp, comfortable and casual are not synonymous with dressing like the world is your gym. And there is nothing wrong with caring about how you look. Men’s casual is easy, relaxed and incredibly simple to set up.

Class of 2012

Will Mosley ’12
Hello, name is Will Mosley, and I am running for a seat in the AAS to represent my class and vocalize issues that are near and dear to me. As a second semester senior, it would be rather foolish of me to think I can make ground-breaking legislation happen in such a small time frame, but I think I can bring something to senatorial conversations that is worth my time and effort. Issues I would like to address: our language around gender and sexual identities, curtains in Val, and getting walnuts for the salad bar.

Professor Ellen Boucher received her undergraduate degree in History and Classical Archeology from the Univ. of Michigan and her Ph.D. in Modern European History from Columbia Univ.

Imagine you were at a Career Center event, eager to start a conversation with the speaker sitting with you and suddenly find you are one of only two students at the table. It is past time for the event to start and the last stragglers have trickled in, yet the seats beside you are still glaringly empty. You remember how it was necessary to R.S.V.P. for the event and wonder why people would register but not show.

As students begin to settle into the spring semester at the College, many have had a more difficult and stressful time with their academics than usual. Spiteful professors and piles of reading, however, are not the culprit. Rather, more students have been “dropped,” or kicked out of their classes, this semester than in the past, forcing them to hectically patch together a new schedule during the 10-day add/drop period.

This week I’m going to write about old news. True, I could write about Facebook going public or RIM changing captains or Apple defending its manufacturing practices. I could list off another five tips or recommend a program or remind you all to back up your hard drives. But I’m going to write about old news because it’s about time it stopped being old news.