Men's Basketball Dominates With Rout of Brooklyn, 96-78
Issue   |   Tue, 11/19/2013 - 23:08

As defending National Champions, the Jeffs picked up right where they left off on Saturday, earning a 96-78 road win against Brooklyn.

With six players in double figures, the Jeffs offered a preview of a multifaceted attack that they hope will carry them into contention for another title.

Amherst jumped out to an early 10-0 lead in the contest and was never seriously challenged; in the second half, they led by as much as 27 points.

Not surprisingly, it was senior captain Aaron Toomey, the reigning NABC Player of the Year, who set the pace on offense. In 39 minutes, the point guard had 18 points (including 12 points from beyond the arc) and six assists.

Near the end of the first half, Toomey displayed particular tenacity and athleticism when he hit a three despite a hard foul and went on to complete a four-point play. Earlier in the half, he also assisted first-year forward David George on a dazzling alley-oop.

George himself, who had been touted as the Jeffs’ most dynamic first-year player, certainly lived up to expectations with a 14-point performance.

“We think George [also] had seven or eight blocks, even though they [credited] him only two,” coach Dave Hixon said. “In 22 minutes, he had 12 boards, six of them offensive. For a first-year, that’s a pretty amazing start. He’s a good player.”

After a solid junior year, Tom Killian ’14 immediately re-established himself as a legitimate threat in all aspects of the game. Killian contriuted a double-double of his own with 17 points and 11 rebounds in 35 minutes.

Amherst also received 16 points from Connor Green ’16 and 11 from Joseph Mussachia ’15 — the latter of which particularly impressed Hixon.

“Joe did a great job for us — he impacted the game,” Hixon said. “He’s been playing well all fall, and he’s probably been the surprise of the year, even more so than the first-years. He’s a great kid, so enthusiastic, and now he’s figuring out how to mesh with four other guys on the floor. I’m so happy for him.”

The only area of concern in the victory was the Jeffs’ shooting, which was not yet as efficient as Hixon would like to see it.
“As a team, we shot poorly; we were 18-for-32 from the foul line and 25 percent from three, which is not good,” Hixon said. “Had we done a reasonable job, we could probably score 110 or 115 points. But I thought we played well because we had really good shots — a lot of wide open catch-and-shoots, which is what we practice.”

“We got great looks,” Toomey said, “and, as the year goes on, I am confident that we will make those.”