AAS Introduces Spirit Scavenger Hunt
Issue   |   Wed, 03/11/2015 - 01:43

The Association of Amherst Students introduced the 2015 Amherst Spirit Scavenger Hunt this week, part of an effort to encourage community members to attend more events, performances and games on campus. The AAS announced this initiative in a campus-wide email Tuesday.

Participants in the scavenger hunt must attend three events from each of three event categories between this week and May 7. The three categories include club events, student performances and sports games. The email to the community included that students must take “selfies” at the events they attend and send them in a message to the 2015 Amherst Spirit Scavenger Hunt Facebook page in order to confirm their attendance.

To encourage all students to take part in the scavenger hunt, the AAS said that all participants will receive a long sleeve Amherst College shirt and will be entered in a raffle for an iPad mini.

AAS President Tomi Williams ’16 said this program was an effort to specifically encourage students who would not normally attend certain events to participate and develop interest in unfamiliar student groups and teams.

“As friends and classmates and neighbors, it is our role to validate these efforts with our presence,” Williams said. “Simple demonstrations of support and small sacrifices of time, though seemingly insignificant, are at the foundation of any strong community.”

After reaching out to various student groups and teams on campus, the AAS compiled a list of future events under the three categories (club events, performances and sports games) with names, dates, times and locations of the events. The list includes events from organizations such as Peer Advocates, the Pokemon-Digimon Club, To Write Love on Her Arms and the Military Support Group as well as performances from various a cappella and dance groups, WAMH and Marsh Coffee Haus.

Under the sports category, various games for sports such as lacrosse, softball, baseball, tennis, rugby and crew are listed.

The list is not exhaustive, and additional clubs or teams with upcoming events before May 7 can ask to be put on the event list. The AAS said that the Facebook page for the Scavenger Hunt would post updates about the scavenger hunt, including the “selfies” that students send from the various events they attend.

Williams said that he hopes the scavenger hunt will be a fun competition that can helpstudents to become invested in the whole community and show that they care through the support of attendance.

“I hope to see the scavenger hunt bring people together both physically and communally. Events are a great way to bring students who may not know each other very well into the same space for a common cause — to support one another,” Williams said.