Do you remember the increasing and paralyzing fear two weeks ago when we thought the government would remain shut down and we would run out of money? Well, the crisis has been averted, for now.

Today, Peggy McKay Shinn ’85 is known for her achievements in journalism and her sports enthusiasm — she is a four-time Harold Hirsch award winner and contributor to publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Mountain Sports and Living and the Boston Globe, just to name a few.

Friday night, the Friedmann room of Keefe Campus Center took a trip to the eighties. The room’s furniture, although still modern, consisted of comfy arm chairs, high-backed stools, patterned blue-and-white pillows dotting the dance floor and small round tables with chairs surrounding the main wooden floor, was decorated to aid in the viewing of one of the most iconic movies of all time — “The Breakfast Club.”