On Sept. 6 FX premiered the pilot of Donald Glover’s new series, “Atlanta.” Glover, who has done everything from writing for Emmy-winning TV shows like “30 Rock,” to releasing critically-acclaimed rap albums under the moniker Childish Gambino, takes on the roles of creator, executive-producer, writer and lead actor in this comedy-drama series. The show is situated in Atlanta, where Glover’s character, Earn, is homeless and in search of a steady paycheck in order to support his daughter, whom he had with his best friend and on-and-off landlord, Van.

This year’s Studio Honors Exhibition launched with a gallery opening on April 26. The Exhibition, being held in the Eli Marsh Gallery in Fayerweather Hall, features the thesis work of several senior art majors, including pieces by Tess Banta ’16 and Zoe Vayer ’16.

Foreign films have the unique ability to introduce their alien audience to a new culture, landscape, language and film tradition. Great foreign films transcend traditional films when the audience is not only absorbed in the narrative, but also in the nuances that only foreign films can offer. Where these films can fall flat to an international audience is when the unfamiliar becomes a distraction. The unconventionality of a film from a different nation can diverge attention from the narrative, however captivating the story might be.