“Looking for a different angle on the election?” an email headline asked you on Oct. 3. Well, lucky you, because you have the opportunity to hear five young journalists who are (probably) all voting for Hillary Clinton come give it to you, Thursday evening in Johnson Chapel! Five young journalists whose publications haven’t covered the largest prison strike in U.S. history, whose collective coverage of the 2016 election doesn’t stray much from Trump-Bad-Clinton-Good, are here to give you one hell of a diversity of opinion on this coming election.

When I sat in the crowded Merrill 1 lecture room early in the fall for the Association of Amherst Student’s budgetary committee’s mandatory introductory meeting, I found myself annoyed when Treasurer Paul Gramieri ’17 announced new caps on food spending by insinuating that if a club’s event needed food to get people to go to it, it probably wasn’t a very good event. I probably muttered something to myself about neoliberalism or austerity.