On Aug. 30, 2012, a skinny kid walked through a gate at Dulles Airport in Virginia, emerging onto a bustling concourse dotted with ATMs and gaudily-priced restaurants. Mohamed Hussein, known almost exclusively at Amherst as “Mo,” strode out of the airport and boarded a van bound for Western Massachusetts.

The New York Times reported on Sunday, Feb. 19 that Alexander Krushelnytsky, a curler from Russia who won a bronze medal in these 2018 Winter Olympics, has tested positive for meldonium — a banned heart medication — and may be stripped of his medal.

On Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles toppled the New England Patriots, fending off the reigning champions and grabbing hold of the city’s first Super Bowl championship. Those who feared they would never escape the crippling imprisonment of the Patriots’ dynasty walked away from the Super Bowl like Andy Dufresne emerging from the sewer, arms flung skyward in the falling rain. And Eagles fans kicked off a “celebration” from which the city of Philadelphia may never recover.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced Friday that the league office had decided to fine the Boston Red Sox an undisclosed amount for using an Apple Watch to steal signs from opposing teams. Major League Baseball will donate that amount to relief efforts for Hurricane Irma.

The New York Times revealed last Tuesday that the Boston Red Sox, in a move wholly uncharacteristic of a New England-area sports team that has enjoyed enormous success since the early 2000s and plays in a neighborhood whose name begins with the letter “F,” had been using an Apple Watch to steal opposing teams’ signs. Apparently, someone watching the game broadcast would decode the opposing catcher’s sign sequence and text the code to a trainer.