Even though the winter has just begun to leave our lives for the next eight months, it is still coming for “Game of Thrones.” After a ten-month hiatus, the hit HBO series is back and I am happy to report that its premiere on Sunday was nearly flawless. Although I have read the books, I promise not to reveal any future developments for this season. But, before I go any further, let me get one thing out of the way…SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SERIES UP UNTIL THIS POINT!

Before I begin, I would like to start out by apologizing in advance for my list. Because I go into every summer ready to watch the next superhero, action or comedy flick, I thought it best to make a list that not only reflected those genres, but also provides films that many viewers might avoid seeing. Next time, I will scour Netflix for “under-the-radar” movies of all types for you all to check out. But, in the meantime, let’s start the list.

When it comes to animated television, I have become a bitter skeptic. With the steady decline of “Family Guy” into an echo of its former glory along with the inevitable conclusion of “South Park” looming in the near future, I was beginning to lose hope. As I finished up another particularly unfunny episode of “Robot Chicken” on Adult Swim during Christmas break, a commercial began to play. The image of an older man in a lab coat accompanied by a frightened-looking teenager flashed across my television screen. At first, the skeptic in me rebelled. “What a ridiculous concept!