Conquering adversity is always a part of life for athletes. The greatest players in sports have an extraordinary ability to motivate themselves, overcome obstacles and capitalize upon every opportunity that comes their way. Div. III National Player of the Year Aaron Toomey, senior point guard on the men’s basketball team, has certainly had to conquer some adversity during his basketball career — he ended up at Amherst after a high school injury left him unable to play Div. I ball. And yet, Toomey never let any injury stop him.

It’s February 3, 2013. The clock of Super Bowl XLVII reads triple zeroes, and Ray Lewis in the last year of his storied career is an NFL champion for the second time. The championship did not come without a price. Against all odds, 38-year-old Lewis came back from a torn tricep to play during the Ravens’ playoff push. His toughness and motivation inspired others Ravens’ players to raise their level of play, as they drew strength from their leader.