The Williams Record gets $17,384 each year from their student government — in fact, the student government at Williams added $8 per year in each student’s activities fee, just to fund The Record; The Bowdoin Orient receives $22,668 a year from theirs; The Wesleyan Argus gets $39,476, and so on.

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I should start with an introduction. Hi, my name’s Noah. I’m the RC of the second floor in Stearns, which, by the way, is a substance-free community. I consume alcohol. My residents know this – I told them on the first day I met them – and they seem to be okay with it. I made them a promise that I would strive to create the community they wanted, and that I would never bring any sort of negative attitude back to their living space. Some of my residents drink, and I expect them to do the same. I still consider myself part of the Stearns community, part of the substance-free community.