An open letter to the Amherst Community:

I write to you today with an enormous sense of sorrow. Yesterday, a website for the Good Men Project posted a suicide note written by a former Amherst student, Trey Malone, who took his own life in June 2012. Trey's death is a tragedy. My deepest sympathies are with his family members and friends, who have suffered the most painful imaginable loss.

The possibility of ending the College’s investment in coal was first discussed on campus back in September, when Bill McKibben spoke to a crowd of almost 900 students, faculty members and town residents in Johnson Chapel. McKibben, the founder of the environmental group, delivered a speech outlining the hard climate realities our world faces today. He emphasized the need to take immediate action, and to that end, formally endorsed an Amherst coal divestment campaign.

English Prof. Georfrey Sanborn grew up in Unity, Maine. He atttended Stanford Univ. for his undergraduate degree and completed his Ph.D. at UCLA. He taught at Fairfield Univ. for five years, Williams College for four years and Bard College for 11 years.

Q: How did you begin studying English, and what made you decide to pursue it?

In the wake of Angie Epifano’s op-ed published two weeks ago in The Student, President Carolyn “Biddy” Martin and other members of the administration have met with students, faculty, staff and parents to discuss ideas and policies to combat sexual violence and misconduct on campus. Already, President Martin has established a Sexual Respect Oversight Committee composed of students, faculty and staff to make recommendations and oversee policy changes to prevent sexual assault. In addition, President Martin announced a campus-wide ‘moratorium’ for Friday, Nov.

Earlier this week, super-storm Sandy slammed into the east coast, causing strong winds, flooding and snow, leaving behind in its wake many fatalities, billions of dollars of damages and millions of people without power.

As some of you may or may not know, the deadline for Amherst Select Internship Program is fast approaching. So the PCA’s thought we would dedicate this week’s article toward the program; what it is, who’s eligible and how the application process works. Hopefully, after you’re finished reading, all your lingering questions will be answered.