The campus was bustling this summer as construction and design teams took over the campus, finishing up major projects before students flooded in for the new year.

The first of the major projects to be completed was Seligman Dormitory. As part of the residential master plan, which has it’s origins dating back to 2001 when the College put a plan in place to update or renovate all of the college dormitories and bring the freshman to the main quadrangle, Seligman Dormitory was renovated and expanded, doubling the bed capacity of the dormitory from 23 to 46.

Facing a daunting 14 percent acceptance rate, the members of the Class of 2017 arrived on campus this week, filled with energy as they unloaded their cars and embarked on their college experience.

The class were chosen out of 7,926 applicants, of which 1132 were accepted, with 466 students arriving on campus to make up the Class of 2017. With an almost perfect male to male ratio (there are four more women than men), the students have a large amount of geographic, socioeconomic and racial diversity.

The summer. When not forced to brave the heat and midday traffic to fetch coffee for your seasonal employer or trying too hard to avoid listening to your coworkers’ embarrassing and way-too-personal stories, students can hopefully make enough time in their schedule to see many of the year’s most anticipated blockbuster films. Designed to provide mass-entertainment (although not at cheap prices these days) and provide further respite from the heat, summer blockbusters are a staple of any young person’s summer away from school.

Every summer there is a week or two, usually after the end of internships and before the start of the school year, for which nothing is planned. It is during this time that I inevitably plunge back into binge-gaming, desperately marathoning any Games of the Year I missed out on due to school-time business.