On Saturday evening someone drew a swastika and wrote a racial slur near the entrance of Chapman Dorm. Dean of Students Jim Larimore took 465 words to communicate that information in a campus-wide email. He added, using perhaps the maximum number of words possible: “That this incident should occur within hours of the end of the observance of Yom Kippur, a holy day of particular significance for those of the Jewish faith tradition, makes it especially hurtful.” To summarize those 33 words in ten words, it happened the night after Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday.

I am not a fan of voice-over movie trailers. To me, a narrator’s voice trying to glamorize an upcoming film alienates me from the actual story and belittles my intelligence, for it bears the assumption that I can’t evaluate the film’s potential without someone explaining to me how great the movie is going to be. And the industry knows this too: voice-over trailers are by now a memory, too often the subject of homage or parody. Without question, however, the booming voices over two-and-half-minute montages have for decades defined the wonder of the silver screen.

The Humble Indie Bundle is the post-scarcity economist’s wet dream. In the age of effortless copying, it is the most innovative and consumer-friendly approach I’ve yet seen to selling digital content. You pay what you want to, from $0.01 to $10,000 (some gaming philanthropists actually approach the upper extreme). In return, you get a digital package of usually good and sometimes-incredible games from independent studios.

When most college students think of Saturday nights, we picture young co-eds dancing the night away with red Solo cups in hand. For those not so taken with the active social scene of Amherst College nightlife, AC After Dark offers a different kind of social — letter writing. Typewriter? Check. Mail box? Check. Free stuff? Triple check.

Hordes of eager college students converge upon the small lobby of the Amherst Cinema, wide-eyed and chatting loudly as they quickly form into lines leading up to the ticket counter. Some are already singing the nostalgic tune and excitedly dancing in the packed lobby. It’s going to be a full house tonight for the premiere of “Space Jam”, a part of the new “Late Nites @ Amherst Cinema” cult classics series. At last week’s showing of “The Room” and at this week’s showing of R.